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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Season 2 ends on a happy note!

Most viewers are worried if the Creatives will ruin Season 2 ending just like they ruined Season one of KY2. SO here is good news for you! Niti Taylor confirmed in an Interview with IndiaTVForum ITVF that the Show will end on a happy note. Check out her Audio Interview for more information!

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Niti Taylor Birthday Celebrations and Interview

We wish Niti Taylor Happiness and Success on her Birthday and always in life. Check out the Birthday Celebration and Interview Videos of this pretty Actress.

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan completes 300 episodes

BBC Worldwide Production's Show Kaisi Yeh Yaarian's Cast celebrated completion of 300 episodes with a party at a Bandra restaurant. The KY2 girls Niti Taylor,Veebha Anand and Krissann Barretto were seen enjoying the Party dressed in black.

Niti Taylor Mem Vayasuku Vacham Telugu Full Movie

Check out Niti Taylor's new Movie Mem Vayasuku Vacham Telugu Romantic Full Movie! Cast: Tanish, Niti Taylor, Dhanraj and Thagubothu Ramesh

Parth Samthaan Biography and Childhood Pictures

Check out Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Actor Parth Samthaan's Biography and Childhood Pictures

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Parth Samthaan in talk with GlitzVision about KY2 and MaNan

Check out the Interview of Parth Samthaan with GlitzVision about KY2 and more.

Stop playing with KY2S2 viewers!

Majority of KY2S2 Viewers have no problem with the Yaariyan Concept. Even they are okay with the fact that Parth Samthaan and Ayaz Ahmed are not part of KY2S2. The viewers are okay with MaNan Scene flashbacks too. Majority of viewers are also okay if Yuvraj Thakur is paired up with Niti Taylor in the future. The KY2S2 viewers are also okay with Richa Yamini not being part of the Show. But hear this loud and clear! Viewers are not okay with idiotic plots and advertisements shown as part of KY2S2. The KY2S2 viewers have supported you against fan girls who are trending for MaNan HEA and those demanding Parth Samthaan to be ‘called back’ to the Show. So have respect on these viewers and stop dishing out garbage to them.
In KY2S2, the CV’s have corrected many mistakes they have done in Season 1.
  1. KY2 was supposed to be about friendships, considering the name of the Show and the fact that it is an adaptation of BOF. BOF was the story of Jan-di and the bonds she makes with the members of F4 and others. It was not about just her and Jun-Pyo. All the main characters (except for Song Woo-bin) had equal roles to play and the absence of one or more characters in any episode did not make any difference to the Show. Jan-di is shown as a very strong and daring character fighting her own battles without anyone’s support. It should have been the same in Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan but somewhere down the line the CV’s diverted from the concept prioritizing MaNan and the actor Parth Samthaan was given undue importance. And the results where there for all to see. For most viewers KY2 equals MaNan. The absence of Parth Samthaan in even one episode also became ‘intolerable’ for viewers.  In KY2S2, the CV’s have corrected their mistake and prioritized Yaariaan.
  2. KY2S1 had countless editing mistakes and bloopers from the beginning of the Show. It looks like that the makers of the Show has taken conscious efforts to rectify these mistakes in KY2S2 and have succeeded to some extent too. But that’s not enough! In KY2S2 we have seen some mistakes too and WE do not want to see it repeated.
  3. Majority of KY2S2 Viewers are okay with the fact that Parth Samthaan and Ayaz Ahmed are not part of the Show.  They are also okay with ‘no MaNan HEA’. As per Vishal Watwani and our own sources, when Parth Samthaan announced quitting the show, the Production House had tried their best to retain him but failed. So they decided to terminate his character and come up with a Season 2 where the rest of the characters are shown coping up with their lives. There is absolutely nothing wrong in this! It would have been foolish to wrap up the show that was doing well. Also, it would not have been right to render the other actors jobless just because some actors were bored with the Show. Ayaz and Parth did not want to continue because they had lost interest in their characters and majority of KY2S2 viewers respected their decision. 
  4. Most KY2S2 viewers are also okay with Yuvraj Thakur/another actor being paired opposite Niti Taylor in future. If at all it happens, they are smart enough to understand that it will not be immediate. There will be fights, conversations and friendship before there will be love.  It will not be easy to remove Manik’s memories from Nandini’s mind and that too especially when Maddy has Manik’s voice and has some character traits similar to Manik. So if love happens from Madhyam’s side, it will be with acceptance of Manik’s place in Nandini’s life. Let’s think practical! Nandini is only 18 years old. She deserves happiness and love. Is it right to expect her to live a single life just because of her previous relationship?
  5. The usage of MaNan Scenes and Cabir scenes are justified to some extent. Manik and Cabir were important characters in Season 1 and Season 2 is all about the other characters coping with their absence. The makers definitely do have the legal rights to use the scenes in flashbacks in whatever way they want it but too much of it in the Episodes is not tolerable. 
  6. If Karishmaa Oluchi was brought in as replacement for Richa Yamini, she definitely should have something in her that made the makers of KY2 believe in her. It is foolishness to expect her to be Richa Yamini. She is a different individual and has her own way of doing things. She was part of shows like Sadda Haq – My Life My Choice, Veera, Punar Vivah, Hatim, Million Dollar Girl, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se, Kairi, Khoobsurat, Dhoond Legi Manzil Hamein and more. So her creative freedom should not be questioned or interfered with. Trust her judgment, she knows what she is doing and I am sure she won’t disappoint us.
  7. From what I have gathered from the comments of fans on Forums and fan pages, KY2S2 Viewers are quite happy about the makeovers and wardrobe of the actors post KY2S1. Nandini and Navya especially look much better in KY2S2. Keep it up!
  8. Hear this loud and clear! KY2S2 Viewers find the Sponsor Ads shown as part of the Show irritating! The Advertisements do not make any sense at all. It is fine if you are under pressure and can’t avoid it. You can show the products in the scenes or background, but don’t make the actors pitch for the product or talk about it. Just because you did not take away the bread and butter of the other actors and wrap up the show does not mean that you have to exploit these actors.
  9. Most of the things that was shown in KY2S1 did not make any sense! Many things shown in KY2S2 also do not make any sense.  Nandini wants to win the Election because she wants to unveil the mystery of the bomb blast? Like seriously? How can it be bomb blast when the bomb was already removed? Also, Aryaman is aware that the Car had a brake failure.  Forget all that, how is Nandini’s winning the election suppose to unveil the mystery of the Accident? It does not make any sense at all!  And Rishab started speaking all of a sudden hearing some rock music? It is as senseless as Nandini recovering from the Pandit trauma all of a sudden. I have a friend who went through a similar experience as that of Nandini. She took almost 2 years to recover despite of Expert help. Also it does not make any sense seeing Harshad still in SPACE Academy. The viewers have tolerated enough crap in Season 1 already including bad editing, bloopers and continuity issues, and now enough is enough! The KY2S2 viewers are okay with KY2 going non-bold but can’t tolerate senseless plots and garbage anymore.
There is a limit to testing the viewer’s patience. Don’t forget that these are people who still stand by you and defend the PH and Creative’s when you are being bashed. Disappointing these loyal KY2S2 viewers is definitely not a good idea. I hope the makers will mend their ways and give the viewers a Show they will be proud watching.
Are you a Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan S2 viewer? If so, Please feel free to share your opinion on this Post.

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Season 2 Cast Exclusive Interview

Check out the Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Season 2 Cast Niti Taylor, Krissanne Barretto, Veebha Anand, Karan Jotwani, Yuvaraj Thakur and Utkarsh Gupta in conversation with TeleFever.
One thing that cannot be denied is the comfort level of the KY2 Season 2 Cast. We never saw such bonding of the entire cast in Season 1.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Niti Taylor and Yuvraj Thakur talking about Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 2

Niti Taylor and Yuvraj Thakur talks about what viewers can expect in Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 2. Check it out!
Exclusive Interview Of KY2 Team | Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Season 2 What I like best about the KY2 S2 actors is their bonding and comfort level. I am sure you noticed that too!

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Parth Samthaan should say an Yes or No!

I am not a Parth Samthaan fan! And that does not mean that I am a fan of Niti Taylor or any other member of the Cast. I am just a KY2 S2 viewer who is pissed off by the #MTVBringParthBack trend that is going on Twitter. Parth/MaNan fans have been tweeting day and night hoping that they could get Parth Samthaan back to Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan. They have been demanding a ‘happily ever after’ for the MaNan love story. But they have got no response from Parth Samthaan or the makers of the Show so far.
Many fans have been risking their time and health to support this trend. Some have been even tagging the Sponsors of the Show, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, Bollywood Actors Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan to name a few to interfere and get them justice. Many of the fans who have been participating in the trend have been calling names and posting abusive tweets directed towards MTV India EVP and business head Aditya Swamy on the basis of rumors spread by some Parth fan. Despite of Parth saying in the India Forum video that no one is responsible for him quitting the show and he quit for advancement in Career, majority of fans refuse to believe his words. Most feel that he has been pressurized into giving a statement by the Channel. There cannot be any truth in this. First of all, if that was the case, the Channel would have asked him to postpone his statement about him not being part of the Show for another week as viewers were hoping to see him only by then. Parth Samthaan coming up with a statement on the very next day after the first episode of KY2 S2 makes me a bit suspicious (Maybe it is my investigative journalism background that makes me think that way) as to if he really wants KY2 S2 without him to succeed or not. Many fans that started watching the Show hoping that Parth will join the Cast after his vacation in Bangalore stopped watching the show after his announcement. If they have known that Parth won’t be back after a few more episodes, they probably may have continued watching the show. Having said that, I also don’t think fans should pressurize Parth Samthaan to return because he left the show on his own. There are two Questions I would like to ask the fans promoting #MTVBringParthBack.
1.    Have you bothered to ask if Parth Samthaan is interested to come back?
2.    Do you think that he stands a chance to be asked back after all the abusive trends by his Supporters?
As per sources known to me, no one is at fault for Parth leaving the Show. He left the Show for betterment in Career. If the fans really love him, they should support his decision to move on and also support his future endeavors.
In my Opinion, definitely KY2 S2 looks much more promising and realistic than the Season 1. In Season one, the Creative’s had given into the demands of the viewers and had prioritized MaNan when they should have given equal importance to all the characters and concentrated more on the ‘Yaariyan’ part.  Also, in Season 1 there have been too many Bloopers and editing mistakes. It really looks like the Creative’s are making an effort to rectify their mistakes in KY2 S2. So I definitely think that KY2 S2 needs to be supported.  As far as I see, there are a lot of fans who think the same way as I do and have expressed their support for KY2 S2. Niti Taylor and Karan Jotwani tweeted to KY2 fans to support the show saying that it is not their fault that someone has left the Show. Both of them were bashed on twitter, forums and facebook groups because of their tweets. Charlie Chauhan also made it clear in a video on India Forums that Parth Samthaan left the Show on his own but majority of fans prefer to believe that Charlie Chauhan was asked by the Channel to give such a statement. However, the supporters of KY2 S2 voiced their support for Niti Taylor and KY2 S2 Cast by participating in the trend #WithYouNiti. Within a day and a half they have managed to cross 50,000 tweets. Niti acknowledged their efforts and thanked them through the Audio message given below.
The fans trending for #MTVBringParthBack are waiting for Parth Samthaan and the Channel to acknowledge their efforts.  I don’t think the Channel would give into the pressure of fans as Creative Freedom should not be interfered with.  If the Channel may have taken any step, they may definitely have taken it after proper analysis. And moreover, why would they leave the publicity they are getting for free? Not only the channel, but the sponsors also have been getting the mileage out of the trends.  People who had no clue who Aditya Swamy is now know who he is. Having said that, I think it is high time that Parth Samthaan comes out with an ‘Yes or No’. The popularity Parth Samthaan is getting because of the trends may definitely be giving him an ego boost and may be getting him noticed by some ‘right’ people who can help him with his Career, but he definitely owes it to his fans to come out with a response.  I really hope that he does not keep his fans waiting for long.
Feel free to share your opinion by commenting on the Post.

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Big Magic Boyz and Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan : A Comparison

What is similar between the BigMagic Show Boyz and MTV Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan? Apart from the fact that both are Shows that I follow, I can point out at least 6 similarities.
  1. Both are Shows based on Youth and College Life. While the KY2 story revolves around the characters studying in the Music College SPACE Academy, the characters of Boyz are students of Kings College of Law.
  2. Both the Shows are based on friendships. The KY2 lead characters (Nandini, Navya, Mukti, Alya, Aryaman & Dhruv) are friends who stick together in thick and thin. In Boyz, the male lead characters (Kulwinder, Prateek & Lakshya) may play pranks on each other, but they are friends who support each other too.
  3. Another similarity is Jasmine Avasia. Jasmine played the role of Soha Khurana is KY2 and she portrays the role of the hot and sexy Jane in Boyz. Also, Scarlett Rose who played the role of Rose in KY2 was supposed to play the role of the hot Bengali Teacher Ms Chatterjee in Boyz. However, she was replaced by Navina Bhole.
  4. Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan has adapted many things from many places and the latest (seen in KY2 S2) is the very popular hashtag dialogue of the character Prateek Paswan (Nikhil Mehta) of Boyz. 
  5. The leads of both the Shows have sung for the Show, While the character Manik portrayed by Parth Samthaan sang the O Yaara Song at the Talent Hunt, Nikhil Mehta portraying the role of Prateek Paswan sang for the radio promotion of Boyz.
  6. And of course there is the Splitsvilla connection as well. KY2 Cast included Splitsvilla Contestants Ayaz Ahmed, Scarlett Rose, Jasmine Avasia, Utkarsh Gupta and Abhishek Malik. The Boyz Cast includes Splitsvilla contestants Aswini Koul, Jasmine Avasia and Sana Sayyad.
  7. How can I forget the Vikas Gupta connection? Vikas Gupta was initially associated with both the Shows. Vikas Gupta is one of the reasons why KY2 turned bold. The initial articles on Boyz (when Vikas Gupta was associated with the Show) announced it as a “bold sex comedy”. However, since Yash and Mamta Patnaik’s Beyond Dreams Production is handling the Show now, the chances of the Show being ’bold’ is doubtful.
For those who are not aware of the Show Boyz on BigMagic Channel, it is the story of three young boys and their college-life adventures. So, if you are a fan of Youth based Shows and love to laugh, Boyz would not disappoint you. You may follow my Boyz Written Updates Blog for Written Updates, Videos and Cast Interviews.

Charlie Chauhan talks about Parth leaving KY2

Check out what Charlie Chauhan says about Parth leaving KY2!
Here is another Video of Charlie Chauhan for fans
I agree with her! But I am sure that many fans would prefer to stay blind to the truth still.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Parth Samthaan in News!

The Story till now: Parth Samthaan has continuously stayed in news on Social Networking sites and forums because of his confusing posts on Social Media and controversies. He wanted to quit KY2 in March 2015 but stayed back because of the emotional outburst of fans. He also has managed to make dedicated fans that will go to any extent for him. His fans have left no stones unturned in bashing the females seen with him (including Disha Patani, Scarlett Rose and his KYY female co-stars) or anyone who dared to speak against him. As soon as the news came out that his character may be terminated as he is leaving the Show, they started blaming Karishmaa Oluchi. The KY2 female lead Niti Taylor and Parth’s friend Vikas Gupta also has constantly been a topic of bashing of the Parth fanatics. Majority of fans (Parth fans, Niti fans, MaNan/PaNi fans) forgot their differences and trended for Season 2 with the same Cast and PaNi as lead characters. Their joint efforts worked and MTV Business Head Aditya Swamy announced KYY Season 2 on 30th August 2015. Though many TV News sites posted articles that Parth Samthaan will not be a part of the Show, many fans chose to believe that he would join the cast after his visit to Bangalore. However, Parth put an end to all speculations of fans by posting a statement on Instagram and Twitter that he is not part of KYY Season 2. Now the fans have found a new target in Aditya Swamy ever since a Parth fan tweeted that Parth Samthaan left the Show because Aditya Swamy insulted him. The fans have been trending #MTVBringParthBack demanding Aditya Swamy to apologize to Parth and bring him back to the show. As per the latest Article on India Forums he was quoted saying, “My exit from the show is completely my choice and my decision". He rubbished all rumors of Niti Taylor or anyone else being the reason for his quitting the Show. What is funny is that despite of the confirmation from the actor himself, his fans have not stopped trending on twitter demanding to bring him back to the Show.
As per an Article on Telechakkar Parth Samthaan is roped as male lead opposite Sonal Vengurlekar for the Show Hawa Hawai on &TV.  Though Parth has not confirmed, the chances of the news being true cannot be ruled out as &TV is a GEC Channel of ZEE and Vikas Gupta is &TV Head of Fiction Programming. All the Shows Parth has done (except for BFF and the episodic and Savadhaan India) so far is somehow related to Vikas Gupta. Vikas was associated with the MTV Shows Gumrah, Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan and Warrior High; he was associated with YHA and PTKK also. But there are chances that it may not be true as well as Parth personally said in many interviews that KY2 would probably be his last Show and he want to make an entry to Bollywood. Whatever the case may be hats off to Parth Samthaan or whoever handles his PR for staying in news by influencing fans and gossip-mongers.  It is not wrong to say that the success of any actor depends on how much he/she is on news. When an Actor vanishes from the big/small screen or from news, he/she will be forgotten in no time. If anyone thinks that the IF Forum article is fake, they may check out the video below!
Another news that has come up is that Parth Samthaan is likely to be seen as a contestant in Bigg Boss’s season 9. Anyways, let’s wait and see if these news turns to be true as the actor has still not confirmed the same. However, by quitting Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Parth Samthaan has branded himself as a quitter as he quit Best Friends forever, Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya and Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan. As per the above video Parth Samthaan says, “There are some things in life that tells you that you need to grow. Whenever you all will grow up and start working, then you all will always look for promotions in your jobs. You cannot work in the same company for years else you will get bored. I am young as well and growth is necessary".  With this statement, Parth has made it clear that he cannot stick to any project for long.  Personally I would not watch a Show where I may end up seeing another actor playing the same lead character after some time. What about you? Do share your Opinion! 

Krissann Barretto talks about her character Alya in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan

Check out the video below to know what Krissanne Barretto says about her journey in KY2 and her character Alya.

Charlie Chauhan talks about her character Mukti in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan

Charlie Chauhan talks about her character Mukti in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan in her Audio Interview on IndiaTVForum. Check it out!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Jasmine Avasia talks about her new Show Boyz and her experience doing Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan

Check out this Video to know about Jasmine Avasia's experience doing Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan and about her new Show Boyz on BigMagic Channel. She reveals that she use to stay in her Vanity in fear of MaNan fans harming her. Well, she said this and more in the Jasmine Avasia Exclusive Interview published on this Blog. Do check that too!

Breaking News: Parth Samthaan not part of Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 2!

Majority of fans have been hoping that Parth Samthaan would start shooting from next week despite of confirmations that he is not part of KYY Season 2 by numerous sites. But now the Actor himself has put an end to all speculations by posting his statement on Instagram and Twitter saying, " I wish all the best for the entire cast and unit. I truly hope that Yaariyan becomes a bigger hit than it was. I am sorry for the late announcement and all disappointments. I had the most memorable journey and I thank each and everyone on the Show for this...and hence it's time for me to move on! Of course this goes without saying that you people supported and loved me always... appreciated my work...can't thank enough on that. Most importantly, I would like to thank MTV and BBC for being there for me and helping me always. And finally... I am glad I am leaving on a high! Anyway, the show must go on. Okay...Thanks... Bye!"

There was an Article on two days quoting a statement from BBC World Wide Head Myleeta Aga. "He must be having his reasons, could be he is offered a mainstream GEC show. Let's face it, a youth show has limited growth potential". Parth himself had said in many interviews that he would like to make an entry to Bollywood and try new things. So this could be the reasons why he does not want to commit for KY2 season 2. However, the fans have been trending and trying to pressurize Parth to continue with the Show ever since the news than he may not be part of season 2 came out. This I feel is really wrong. Just because you are obsessed about the actor does not mean that you should make his life miserable with the emotional outburst and pleading on Social Media. He is a good actor and is capable of doing much more than what is doing at the moment. So if you really love him, set him free and respect his decision. The same article that quoted Myleetha Aga also had another quote regarding KY2 Season 2 saying , "I just wish Parth had given us some more time before quitting. Had we got that additional leeway it would have been easier for the writing team to write a more cohesive and juicy script around Fab 5. Also one more challenge is that although the other actors especially girls (Veebha Anand, Charlie Chauhan and Krissann Barretto), have willingly agreed to stay for season 2 and are obviously ready for meatier roles. They don't have enough dates as they are already committed other projects as well". I want to say that this statement that Parth is the reason why The Season finale was messed up is not true at all. As per my sources in the KY2 Sets, "He had given them enough time. He expressed his desire verbally to quit much earlier to putting his papers. They had more than a month to wind up the Show on a positive note. But Yes, Parth quit in the 2nd week of August much before the Show had wind up". So Parth can't be blamed for the 'garbage' the viewers were made to tolerate. They could have wound up the Show in the 2nd week of August itself instead of dragging it to another two weeks so that the filler scenes could have been avoided. But they did not do that! I have told this before in my Articles and Forum Posts. No Show should depend on just one actor or a couple. They were supposed to give all the lead actors equal exposure. If they would have done that, the absence or replacement of an actor in the Show would not have made much difference. But they failed miserably and they disappointed the fans.

Having said the above, I do not agree with the fans demand of closing the Show in the absence of Parth Samthaan. The Show is a top rated one despite of its numerous flaws so I see nothing wrong if the makers want to continue with a Season 2. I don't think that the other Cast should suffer because of the absence of one actor. As of now, there is no news regarding who will be paired opposite Niti Taylor in the Show. May be they may bring another actor as Manik or may pair her opposite an existing character or new character. Whatever the case may be, I think the viewers should trust them and their judgement. If the makers of the Show could create a popular onscreen couple like MaNan, I am sure that they are capable of doing it again. So What do you think? Let me know your Opinion.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Season 2 (31st August 2015) Written Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Season 2 (31st August 2015) Episode 1 Written Update
3 Months later... Navya is an RJ in Radio O2 and goes overboard with her talk and the Manager gets irritated. Nandini had a makeover and preparing to celebrate Manik's Birthday. Chachaji looks sad when she tells him about it. Dhruv's Boss scolds him for not completing even one song in 3 months. Dhruv tells him that song making is a creative process and he needs time. Aaliya sees Harshad reading her mobile messages and scolds him. Harshad tells her not to blame him for FAB5 not being together. Aaliya tells him that he did try but his efforts failed. Harshad tells that he is happy that she chose the Fashion Industry and that he is confident that she will do well. She tells him that she does not want to compete with anyone. Harshad tells Alya that she may hate him but he loves her. He reminds that Rakshabandhan is round the corner. Alya goes from there without listening.
Nandini reaches the SPACE Academy FAB5 Practice room and starts to make arrangements for Manik's Birthday. She recalls her time with Manik. A Peon comes there and tells that Nyonika has asked to move the instruments from there and Nandini tells that she will speak to Nyonika. Mukti is babysitting for Navya's baby Abeer and gets irritated when he cries. She refuses to change his diaper. Navya comes back home and takes care of Abeer. She also seems to have done a makeover and is wearing modern clothes. She thanks Mukti for giving her a place to stay and supporting her. Mukti gets upset when Navya talks about Nandini's message about Manik's Birthday. Aryaman helps Nandini to decorate room and Nandini makes fun of him seeing that he does not know to blow balloons. Dhruv reaches the FAB5 Practice room. Aryaman and Nandini hears Radio O2 Manager telling that if Manik does not return they he will put them in trouble. Nandini tells Dhruv that no one can take the contract from Fab5.

KY2 Fans succeed! Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Season 2 starts from today!

For all those who have wanted Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Season 2 can now rejoice as KY2 Season 2 is starting today, the 31st August 2015. However, as per reliable sources I choose not to disclose, Parth Samthaan may not be part of the KYY Cast.
KY2 fans had demanded a Season 2 with all the main leads of the season one intact. Majority of Viewers had made it very clear through Social Media that they won’t watch the Show if Parth or Niti is absent in KYY Season 2. They also had made it clear that they will not accept Niti being paired with any other actor. But BBC has decided that the Show must go on as it does not make any sense in closing a show that is extremely popular despite of its numerous flaws. And they are right as no show should depend on just one actor. There are other actors who have proved their worth through the Show and it is unfair to them to wind up the Show. If an actor wants to move on to greener pastures there is no point in holding him back. And if the fans really love the said actor, they will let him go and support his decision.
Will the Creative’s of the Show will be able to make KYY Season 2 as Popular as the Season 1? As of now it looks doubtful because they had diverted from the story and concentrated on MaNan more in the first season. The MaNan pair portrayed by Parth and Niti has so many obsessed fans who have openly expressed their dislike for Season 2 without MaNan. All the lead actors of the Show were supposed to get equal exposure, but somewhere down the line the Creative’s gave into the viewers demand and prioritized MaNan. They chose to forget that no Show should depend on any one actor. It is because of this for many viewers KY2 equals MaNan/ PaNi. This Show has given Parth Samthaan name and fame. It has given him a huge fan following. Think about it! He was ‘nobody’ prior to KY2. Other than some episodic shows, he was only part of Best Friends Forever which he chose to quit after appearing in a few episodes. So if the Creative’s are capable of making an actor or couple popular, they are capable of doing it again and the viewers should trust them.
Having said the above, I still feel that success is not going to come that easily for Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 2. If the makers of the Show want success they should ensure that they correct all the flaws of Season 1. They should come up with a sensible and refreshing story. As the saying goes, ‘Content is the King’. If the content of the Show is good enough, people will like it and there is no need for the Show to be 'Bold' to keep the viewers hooked to the Show. However, if the Channel and Creative’s are thinking that there can mint money by showing product advertisements as part of the Show with Season 2 as well, they are mistaken. The viewers may have tolerated ‘garbage’ for the sake of MaNan in Season 1, but they will not tolerate it anymore! Despite of the pathetic KY2 finale week and senseless final episode, many fans still think that the Writer of the Show still can undo the damage he did in Season 1, if you look at some of the responses received on the writer’s tweet below.
So let’s see what is in store by giving at least a week for the Show before deciding if it is worth watching or not.  A Show does not depend on a few fans. The Creative's of the Show definitely may have thought of some strategy to retain the existing viewers and attract new viewers for sure. So those who do not want to watch the Show sans Parth Samthaan, they are free to do so! If some fans drop out, others may take their place. What do you think? Please feel free to share your opinion.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Charlie Chauhan talks about Raksha Bandhan Festival and her Brothers

Charlie Chauhan talks about her real Brother Kunal and her Brothers in the TV Industry , Jay Bhanushali and Utkarsh Gupta! Check out this Video Message on Raksha Bandhan and her equation with her Brothers!

The Mystery of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Finale Episode solved! Maybe it is not the end!

The Video uploaded by MTV has some extra scenes that solves the mystery of the senseless Episode of KY2 telecasted on Thursday. If the person who did the editing of the video clip to be aired on the Channel has any self respect, he will quit the job for ruining the Show for the viewers.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

MTV Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan - O Yaaraa... (Official Title Track)

Check out the FAB5 Talent Hunt Song O Yaaraa... (Official Title Track) sung by Parth Samthaan and Amit Gupta.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Niti Taylor's night out on India TV Exclusive

Check out Niti Taylor Night out on India TV Exclusive where she visits a Ganapati stall and rides in an Auto.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Parth Samthaan Interview Audio Version

As per demand from KY2 fans for the Audio version of the Parth Samthaan Interview published on this Blog earlier, I am publishing the same.Enjoy!
Note: Please excuse the Audio Quality! Trust me... I had not intention to publish this one!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sneak Peek of FAB5 Music Performance at the Talent Hunt

Here is a sneak peek of the final performance of FAB5 as a Group. For all those who wanted to hear Parth Samthaan singing can now hear him singing a song as he bids adieu to Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan. KYY season 2 will happen or not is doubtful at this moment. Though earlier the other cast except Parth was supposed to be in Season 2, now the buzz is that Niti may also not be part of Season 2 thanks to the fans outburst on Social Media against her pairing. There are also talks about new cast and story line for Season 2. However, no Official confirmation has been made by the makers of the Show. When there is any confirmation regarding Season 2, I will share the news with you. Anyways, Check out this Music Video from Saas Bahu aur Betiyan.

All the fans of Kaisi Ye Yaariyaan.. here is a special Music video of Parth and Nandini..But show will return soon...So all Fans of PARTH And NEETHI this is a gift of SBB for all fans
Posted by Saas Bahu Aur Betiyan on Sunday, August 16, 2015

Are you an Obsessed fan of MTV Show Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan?

For a Show to be sold to viewers, it is very important to create compulsion and obsession for the Show. Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan is one such Show (despite of numerous flaws) that has managed to do that. No wonder it has been a top rated show beating better shows like YHM and Jodha Akbar on India Forum Chaska Meter. The lead pair of Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan, Parth Samthaan and Niti Taylor, are among the top ten in the television celebrity index. There is no denying that it is the fan power that is responsible for the success of the Show and popularity of actors in the Show.
Parth Samthaan Niti Taylor Movie
Fans want PaNi together!
The words Obsession, Compulsion and Addiction do not mean the same thing. But yes… They are closely related and often used interchangeably. When a person is ‘obsessed’ they derive pleasure by thinking about their obsession for a significant amount of time. When someone is obsessed the affected person feels driven to do something, even when they are aware that such behavior will not benefit them or put them into trouble/suffering later. Obsession turns to Compulsion when they feel compelled to do something. Addiction can involve obsession and compulsion. An addict may think obsessively about their ‘subject of interest’ and waits eagerly for it and indulge in activities that give them their ‘fix’. An Addict may be fully aware of the harm but still can’t stop the craving for the ‘fix’ or having wild imaginations about their ‘subject of interest’. ‘Fantasy living’ is often part of addictive behavior. Fantasizing about intimacy or romantic relationship with subject of interest and fantasizing about being desirable to the subject of interest are some signs of addictive behavior. In short, if obsessed ‘you have to do it’ and if addicted ‘you can’t live without doing it’. I am sure you may have heard about Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). OCD is a condition where even when the person tries to stop doing something they feel powerless to stop themselves. This can often lead to Depression as well. This is a very serious condition that needs help to overcome it.
Parth Niti couple family
Some Fans like imagining PaNi as a real Couple
You may wonder why I am talking of terms like Obsession, Addiction and Depression.  I am doing so because I have noticed such signs among KY2 fans. While it is good for the makers and actors of the Show to have ‘obsessed fans’, think of the consequences it can have on you. Can you get back the lost time you have wasted obsessing about the actors and the Show? I know countless fans that make sure they reach their homes on time to watch the Show even if that means bunking extra classes or making excuses. I know fans that have bunked their classes and gone to meet the Cast in Mumbai. I know a girl who spends her entire pocket money to send gifts for cast and then had to suffer personally.  Many KY2 fans have confessed that the Show has become an addiction and they are not able to concentrate on their studies. I have also come across fans that spend a considerable amount of time making edits, writing fan fictions, watching KYY videos, making videos and more. For most fans their liking for the show has lead them to abandon their real names and pictures and use the Show related names and pictures on their social media accounts.
ky2 fans obsessive behavior
Height of Obsession?
There is nothing wrong in liking a particular show, but when it interferes with your normal life that can be a problem. Many obsessed or addicted fans find it difficult to focus on their work or studies. Many fans find that they have no time for anything other than things related to the Show. Many KY2 fans have interfered in the Creative freedom and personal lives of actors. However, I just would like to ask such fans a question. Is it right to stop someone from leaving the show if he wants to? Parth was clear about what he wants from the beginning itself.  He has said that in many of his interviews. He would have quit in March itself but could not take the emotional outburst of fans and continued. He had verbally communicated his decision to quit much in advance prior to putting his papers. Still fans have been bashing Karishmaa Oluchi  on social media. If Parth has quit the show, it is his decision and should be respected. Just because some fans are obsessed does not mean that he should not have a life for himself or choice. But we all know majority of fans have been begging and pleading Parth not to go. People have been trending #NoKYYWithoutParthNiti and #VwantKY2S2withPaNi. Fans have been asking others to boycott KY2 Season 2 after the news that Parth may not be part of Season 2. In all probability, there won’t be a KYY Season 2 now and fans may have succeeded in taking away the ‘bread and butter’ of the other Casts (or at least one of the KY2 Casts) with their demands for PaNi. If that’s not all some fans have been indulging in destructive behavior. There have been buzz on fans getting sick and even attempting suicide because of the Show ending.  A friend of mine having a KY2 Facebook Group revealed that one of her friends was hospitalized in serious condition and refused to take medicines till she hear Parth taking her name. Another incident of craziness is a girl writing Parth’s name on her leg with some sharp object and even posting a picture of it on Social Media. A fan of mine also admitted that she got a Parth name tattoo on her belly. Liking a Show is perfectly fine, but this sort of craziness cannot be encouraged.
I mean no offense to anyone. I am aware that a lot of you can relate to what I have written in the Post and may be annoyed. But I thought it my moral responsibility to say that Obsession and Addiction should be avoided. I am not perfect. In my school days I have been addicted to Mills & Boons and regretted it. I have been obsessed with the K Drama BOF. A Client had sent me the DVD and I spend more than a month watching the drama again and again and doing nothing else. Thankfully, none of my obsessions have lasted for long except Mills & Boons for almost 5 teenage years. Teenage is such a phase when you are curious about such things and get attracted to it. So I can understand the teen viewer’s attraction towards a bold show like KY2. But think about it! Actors have a limited shelf life. People will remember them as long as they are visible on Shows or stay in news. Once they are out of sight they will be out of mind as well. Same is the case of Shows. After the Show is over, your interest in it will be lost after some time. Then all the acts of craziness you have done will look to you as foolish and you may even regret it.  So keep your interest on Shows to ‘liking’ and don’t make Shows/Actors your ‘obsession’.
Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan is addictive and addictions are injurious. Do you agree? Comments and Criticisms are welcome!
Image 2 & 3 Credit pani_holics Instagram

Friday, August 14, 2015

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 2 makes no sense!

I know that some of you are waiting for KY2 Season 2, but does it really make sense to come up with a new season of the Show?
Every Show needs a Story to survive: The Show shamelessly used BOF to sell it initially and MaNan after that. The Creative’s have taken advantage of the KY2 fans obsession for MaNan and have been dishing out utter garbage to the viewers. Think about it! Does KY2 have a proper story line? Is there any logic or reasoning behind anything in KY2? It is a miracle that the Show has survived till date despite of lack of finality of scenes, bad editing, lack of logic or reasoning in scenes, bloopers, poor execution, bad audio quality, filler scenes and irritating sponsor ads shown as part of the show to name a few. For Instance, just take the example of the last two episodes. Uttz suddenly became D Star. The hard disk Nyonika gave to Mr Khurana came back to her miraculously for Manik to find it. The last two episodes also had the characters Mukti, Dhruv and Navya promoting sponsor products. There is a limit to how much crap can be tolerated. Either the Actors will want to move out of the Show or the viewers will boycott the Show if this continues.
For most Viewers KYY equals to MaNan: I am sure everyone would agree that no Show should depend on just 2 actors. Even if a character is missing in an episode or two, viewers should not feel affected as the other characters have parallel story lines that keep the viewers engaged. But as you all know, that’s not the case with Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan. The other characters in the Show are underutilized. Most of the viewers are unable to tolerate some of the other actors on the Show and it's a failure from CV's part. The viewers of this show are mostly young adults and what keeps majority of them hooked to KYY are the bold MaNan scenes. And why not? No other show on Indian Television has such scenes. Even the kissing and consummation scenes on other shows look amateurish when compared to the normal romantic scenes in KYY. Despite of it, I wonder why it has not come to the notice of Broadcasting Content Complaints Council (BCCC).
Creative freedom does not exist! Yes, Any Writer of KYY season 2 (I doubt if that is happening) should keep no hopes that they can exercise their creative freedom because they will have to give in to the fans demands. Fans will generously give ideas and plots through forums or messages and they will expect the Writers to follow it. In short, the Writers will not have the power to determine what happens in the Show without restraint. KYY Writers so far have used a lot of fan ideas and given into fan demands. And if the makers don’t give into the demands, the fans will make their lives miserable by harassing them on social media. Most of the people who are reading this will want to kill me alive for saying this.  But ask any Writer if they like others interfering in their creative freedom and I am sure their answer will be negative. Personally I don’t think there is anything wrong in giving suggestions but demanding and forcing is wrong! If a Writer is chosen for a project, it is because they have proved their worth and the makers have faith in them to do justice to the Show. I am sure the makers will think twice about the present scenario before coming up with a Season 2.
Viewers cannot be taken for granted:  In all probability, Parth Samthaan coming back to KY2 Season 2 could be a promotional tactic to market KY2 Season 2. Parth had almost quit KY2 in March 2015 but had given statements that he is not quitting when he was all set to quit. It is only later he changed his decision and confirmed to fans that he is ‘not going anywhere as of now’. However, he also gave a statement on TOI saying, “There is no specific time when I will leave. If I find something that is appropriate for me or something that makes me grow as an actor, I will take that up”. He also has made clear in many Interviews that he wants to try doing new things especially films and KY2 is most probably his last Show. If the Makers of the Show are trying to market the new season using the name of the Show and Parth’s popularity to make KY2 fans watch KYY Season 2, then the consequences can be really bad if they won’t be able to fulfill their promise of Manik’s re-entry. If the fans can make a Channel or Actor popular, they are capable of destroying too! If the makers have seen the response for twitter trend ‪#‎NoKyyWithoutParthNiti‬, they may wrap up KY2 once for all giving it a happy ending and probably may drop their plans for Season 2 as there is too much negativity. Anyways, all news of Parth Samthaan in KY2 Season 2 at the moment are just assumptions as neither the makers nor the actor has given any statement regarding the same.
Good, Bad or Ugly… Shows can influence Viewers: Yes, Shows and Characters can influence viewers. So it is the moral responsibility of Channel and makers to come up with content that will influence the viewers positively. While I agree that KY2 has tried to highlight some society issues, they have not been very successful doing it. While I fully agree with Gay rights, I definitely can’t accept a student teacher relationship (Neither in KY2 nor in Warrior High). My Indian ethos and values are against anything that violates the purity of the teacher-student relationship.  Whatever the reasons, I can’t also justify the act of bullying or sleeping around.  Any KY2 viewer will accept that the character of Nandini has been butchered beyond repair. If you are a visitor of KY2 forums, social networking or fan pages you will see a lot of teens displaying symptoms of depression and obsession. I personally know many KY2 fans who have confessed that KY2 has affected their studies and personal lives.  Two days back I saw a tweet @fireflies640 saying, “Fear of losing MaNan is so much that one MaNan fan got hospitalized. Pray for her!” The writer of KY2 Vishal Watwani @vagabond_vishal tweeted in response to the tweet, “Nothing is bigger than your ownself, so plz plz take care n b responsible to yourself”. But can we really expect that from teenagers? Can the Channel and makers really wash their hands off their moral responsibility towards viewers? While I sympathize with whoever it is, I can’t help laughing when I remember another tweet from @2310ayesha to Narendra Modi saying, “What are you doing? KY2 CV’s are ruining Manik ka character n u r sitting silently? Do something! MaNan can’t end like this!” This tweet is a perfect example of how desperate and obsessed some fans are.
I mean no offense to anyone! But after witnessing the obsession for a Show like KY2, I had to write this! Since it is not certain if Parth Samthaan will return in KYY season 2, I think the Creative’s should close all loops and give a logical end to the story once for all than drag it to Season 2.  Do you agree with me or not? Do share your opinion!

New Niti Taylor Audio Interview from IndiaTV Forum

Niti Taylor playing the role of Nandini in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan revealed in her Audio Interview, "MaNan happened whilst helping Dhruv and Rishab". This is an abandoned plot the creatives have not bothered to give a closure to. What happened to Manik and Nandini's Rishab-Dhruv mission? The Doctor had told that Rishab can be cured while Manik and Rishab both were in Hospital. Neither has Nandini said anything about that to Manik though she is well aware how concerned Manik is for Dhruv nor has anything been done towards curing Rishab. This is just an example of how directionless and disconnected the creatives of the Show are. Anyways, can't blame any one Writer for it as the show has seen many writers. Check out the New Niti Taylor Audio Interview from IndiaTV Forum!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Parth Samthaan aka Manik Malhotra may be part of KY2 Season 2

Here is good news for the fans who are sad because of Parth Samthaan's exit from Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan. Parth may make a re-entry in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Season two. However, WE don't know if this is a News made up to calm the KY2 fans outrage on Social Media and make them watch KYY season 2. Only time will tell! For the time being rejoice and Check out the video for more information!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

KY2 Season 2: Hit or Miss?

Majority of MaNan PaNi Fans have already given the verdict that it will be a flop show if Parth Samthaan won’t be part of the Show. Social Networking sites and Forums have been quite active with discussions and speculations ever since the TeleChakkar Article announcing KY2 Season 2 sans Parth Samthaan came up.  Karishmaa Oluchi, Creative Director at BBC Worldwide, also confirmed Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan season 2 with her tweet, “Await #Season2 #KYY2 #Revamping #WorkInProgress #FillingInColorsSoon #ComingSoon”. Majority of fans want a happy ending for KY2 with FAB5 united and MaNan going strong. They want the evil to lose their battle. But as per sources we choose not to disclose, just like Warrior High, Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan also may not see a happy ending.
More than the lead pair of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan, it is the KY2 fans that are responsible for the Show success. Fans have tolerated the Show for the sake of MaNan despite of the numerous flaws of the Show like lack of finality of scenes, bad editing, lack of logic or reasoning in scenes, bloopers, poor execution, bad audio quality and irritating sponsor ads shown as part of the show to name a few. Fans have been so crazy about the PaNi pairing that they could not even tolerate Parth’s real life friends and have left no stones unturned to bash them. Also, the pairing of the characters Manik and Nandini (MaNan) has such popularity that it is going to be difficult for fans to even imagine any other character paired with Nandini. There are chances that Parth may not be part of the Season 2 Cast because of his continuous health issues. Also, Parth had said in many interviews that KY2 may be his last show and he wants to take a break after KY2 and get into films. As of now there is a lot of confusion as to whether Parth will be part of Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 2 Cast or not. Anyways, the viewers should be able to know if Parth’s character Manik will be there in Season 2 in a couple of days as the show is coming to an end. If Parth is not going to be part of KY2 Season 2, majority of MaNan/PaNi fans may quit watching the Show than watching it for the sake of the other actors in the Show.
If news about Karan Jotwani and Niti Taylor pairing is true, majority of fans will have trouble accepting them as a romantic couple.  One major flaw of Niti Taylor and Karan Jotwani pairing is that they are more like siblings off screen according to most fans stalking them on social networking sites. If that is the case and KY2 Season 2 is also going to be a bold show, then that may not be easy for the actors. In short, according to some KY2 fans, the character Aryamann can be a good friend for Nandini but not a romantic partner.  But we beg to differ! They are actors after all and may be able to do justice to the pairing. If two ‘not so friendly’ actors could create magic on screen, it’s quite possible that two ‘friendly actors’ can have the same or better effect. It’s too early to come to a conclusion if the pairing will work or not. However, the KY2 Creative’s have always been unpredictable.  Let’s see how they wind up Season one to come to a conclusion as to KarNi may happen in Season 2 or not. What say Guys?
Do you want Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 2?
KY2 Season 2 ~ Hit or Miss? Do share your Opinions below!
Note: This is a General Article summing up the Buzz going around regarding KY2 Season 2 and asking fans to share their Opinions. Read the Post carefully before commenting! No offense meant to anyone!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Friendship Day Message with a difference from Ruma Sharma

I like spreading Social Messages through my writing. Writers have the power to influence people through their writing. But the power Celebrities have is immense!  I can say the same thing what a Celebrity say about a Social cause but people will listen more to a Celebrity than me. Good... Bad... or Ugly... people follow Celebs and like to do whatever they do. So here I am trying to make a difference by getting Ruma Sharma to give a Friendship Day Message with a difference. Actually when Ruma told me that she would like to say Thanks to the fans and wish fans on Friendship Day, I asked her, "How about a Friendship Day message with a difference?"  and she readily agreed!  Check it out!
As she mentioned, It was only 2 days back we were talking about binge eating and I told her about Alya having Bulimia in KY2. And we ended up sharing about people we know. So I hope you will take her message to heart and be the real friend to your friends. Apart from what she said, I want to add that friends and family are no alternative for Therapy to come out of this condition. But friends and family definitely can be a great support.
Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

Friendship Day Video's of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Cast

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Cast Friendship day Videos
Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan is majorly a Show based on Friendship. The Bond of Friendship between the members of FAB5 has been the highlight of KY2 from the start. However, as the show progressed the show witnessed more beautiful bonds between the characters like Cabir Nandini, Navya Nandini, Abhimanyu Nandini, Mukti Abhimanyu, Manik Dhruv, Manik Cabir, Alya Mukti and Cabir Navya to name a few. One thing that is noteworthy about the Cast, especially the KY2 Girls, is their friendship. So how is it possible that there are no Friendship Day Video's of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Cast? Here's is what we found for you! Check it out!
I wish you all a very Happy Friendship Day!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Breaking News: Jasmine Avasia aka Soha Khurana returning to KY2

Something majority of KY2 fans have dreaded is happening! Jasmine Avasia aka Soha Khurana is returning to Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan in a new Avatar. This time Soha Khurana aka Pshycho Soha will be seen dressing up like Nandini to impress Manik Malhotra! Eversince Charlie Chauhan aka Mukti Vardhan has posted the picture from the KY2 Sets of the Main lead girls with Jasmine Avasia in Nandini avatar, there has been a lot of talk about this upcoming plot on forums and social networking sites. Also KY2 fans have been messaging the Actress Jasmine Avasia regarding her come back on Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan. So I decided to confirm the same by talking to Jasmine. Check out this Exclusive Audio recording from Jasmine Avasia regarding her return to Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan.
Note: As I already confirmed on Twitter as soon as I saw the image, Jasmine just happened to be at KY2 shooting spot Thakur Polytechnic College for her upcoming Episodic of Yeh Hae Aashiqui and Charlie Chauhan thought of playing a prank on viewers. Jasmine has not been approached to come back yet! Please listen to her Audio! If I have taken time to talk to her and record an audio, it's because I want my visitors to listen to it. Rather than just saying that it was a prank, I thought it better to give you confirmation from the Actress itself. But seeing some comments here and some responses to this post on social media sites, I don't think I should bother putting any such efforts hereafter.
Also, If you have not seen the Jasmine Avasia Interview on this Blog, Check it out too!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Congratulations Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan fans on One Year of KY2

Congratulations Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan fans! More than the KY2 Cast and makers you deserve applause for KY2 successfully completing one year. Without you all this victory would not have been possible! No show in the Indian Television can boast of such dedicated fans and I want to congratulate you all for that! You are the real Superstars! You are responsible for the Show to be successful despite of its numerous flaws! You have tolerated the Show despite of the numerous bloopers, Sponsor Ad Campaigns, bad editing and poor audio quality. Even when you could not find any logic or reasoning behind many of the scenes, you Guys never complained! So this is your success!
The KY2 fandom has always shown their power. You managed to trend #WeLoveManan and #WeLoveNitiTaylor on the top spots on Twitter trends. You managed to bring back Abhishek Malik to the Show. You managed to pressurize Parth Samthaan to stay back on the Show when he had almost quit. You Guys have always been open about your likes and dislikes in the story line.  You have popularized the Show further through Forums, Facebook Fan Pages, Groups and more. You have sided with your favorite actors against the other shows fandom. I know a lot of Ky2 fans who spend majority of their time making cast edits, writing fan fictions, VM’s and more. Most of you have even forgotten your identities and use the avatars of your favorite stars and even use show related names too as user ID! I don’t think I will get to see such dedicated fans anywhere else! Realize your power Guys! Celebrities are nothing without you! You have the power to change and demand things!
I and my Team wish all KY2 fans a very happy Anniversary! I also want to thank you all for the support you have given me on this Blog and Social Media Sites. Thank you!

Check out the videos from KY2 Cast on One Year of KYY

Parth Samthaan and Utkarsh Gupta talks about one year of KYY
Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Girls Niti Taylor, Krissanne Barretto and Charlie Chauhan talk about 1 Year of KY2
Here is a Audio Recording from Ruma Sharma aka Riddhima thanking KY2 fans

Parth Samthaan and Utkarsh Gupta talks about One Year of KYY

Parth Samthan aka Manik Malhotra of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan talks about one year of KYY to Tellybytes. He thanked Vikas Gupta, Richa Yamini, Shashank Bhardwaj etc for the Show success. Check out the video!

Check below for Video of Utkarsh Gupta aka Dhruv Vedant talking about one year of KY2

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Girls Niti, Krissanne and Charlie talk about One Year of KYY

The gorgeous Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan girls Niti Taylor, Krissanne Barretto and Charlie Chauhan talks to Tellybytes about KY2 completing one year. According to Niti, none of the KY2 Cast anticipated that the Show will complete one year and they are very happy. Check out the Video for more!
Here is a Video from Charlie Chauhan

Here is an Audio from Krissanne Barretto for this Blog viewers We wish the KY2 Team Good Luck and Success!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Zain Imam aka Abhimanyu of MTV Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan to play the lead in ZEE TV Show Tashan-e-Ishq

Those who have been missing Zain Imam aka Abhimanyu of MTV Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan can now see him in  ZEE TV Show Tashan-e-Ishq. Tashan-E-Ishq is an unusual love story and will have a Punjabi backdrop. The show will have two male leads and Zain Imam have been roped to play one of them. 'Tashan-e-Ishq'is replacing 'Jodha Akbar'. Tashan-e-Ishq starts from August 10, 2015 on ZEE TV. The Show will be telecated from Monday to Saturday at 8 pm. Sidhant Gupta who was seen in Movies like Badmashiyaan and Bang Bang Bangkok will be playing the other lead character. The other Cast of Tashan-e-Ishq are Jasmine Bhasin,  Rishina Kandhari, Vaishnavi Mcdonald, Ashwin Kaushal, Bhupinder Singh, Beena Banerjee and Bhupinder Singh to name a few. This Show produced by Subhash Chandra of Essel Vision Productions will be premiered in July 2015 on Zee TV. We wish Zain Imam all Success!
Tashan-e-Ishq New Promo!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Manik supports Nandini's Dressing Style at the MTV Next Top Model Promotion on KY2

India's Next Top Model panelist (Grooming Expert & Image Consultant) Neeraj Gaba is on the stage and addressing a crowd. He says, "There are a lot of trends that's happening and we try to follow all of those. But always remember, something that is very unique and something that is very you is your style!" Nandini Murthy (Niti Taylor) and Aryamann Khurana (Karan Jotwani)comes to the stage and stands facing the crowd while Neeraj Gaba is sitting on a couch. Some girl from the crowd shouts, "Nandini is a fashion disaster!" Nandini hangs her head and stands there looking ashamed of herself. Manik (Parth Samthaan) comes to the stage and stands next to Nandini. He holds her hand. Nandini looks at him and then at his hand. She again hangs her head. He says, "... Expensive clothes and cheap minds... you all will be fashion disaster". The crowd claps. Neeraj Gaba goes near her and keeps a hands on Nandini's shoulders. He says, "We always like to keep it simple... and it works for you! Congratulations!" Manik and the crowd claps. Nandini gives a slight smile but still does not look up.
If this is a sneak peek of a Scene coming up on Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan, then I would say that this is no way for the Channel and Production House to make money. Neeraj Gaba is in the Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Sets to promote MTV Next Top Model and the people behind Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan make money by giving screen space to promote MTV Next Top Model. But is it right to portray a strong character in the Show as weak and ashamed of herself? The whole scene is contradictory to the sort of person Nandini is. Nandini Moorthy is someone who not only speaks for herself but for others also. She is the one who made the plan for the ItsNotUsItsYou Campaign and got justice for Mukti. She is in no way weak. She is not the sort who will take insults and not speak a word. She never needed someone else to speak for her. The whole scene projected Nandini as some one who is so weak and under confident. What do you think Guys? Do you agree with me or not? Please comment below and let me know your opinion. Check out the Video below for more!

Image Courtesy: Tellybytes Video

Friday, July 10, 2015

Parth Samthaan's Audio Interview on Drivetime

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan lead Actor Parth Samthaan spoke exclusively to Raj Baddhan, Journalist & TV/Radio Voice Over Artist on Drive Time. During this 40 minutes long Interview Parth made MaNan / PaNi fans happy by telling that he surrenders himself completely in front of Niti when performing MaNan scenes and defining MaNan as pure love. He also annoyed the fans by naming his co-host of Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Smriti Kalra as his favorite co-star and by giving full credit to the Creatives for MaNan Scenes. He also said that he will not be a MaNan fan as he does not like romantic stuff. Personally, I don't see anything wrong in him giving credit to the Director as every movement and expression of MaNan is scripted. You will have to watch a shoot to understand that. I really can't understand why people are offended by his honesty and personal choices. In this straightforward and brutally honest Interview with Raj Baddhan, Parth also talked about fans interfering in his personal life and his need of space. Remember he said the same thing on the Parth Samthaan Interview on this Blog too? Well Guys... respect the privacy of your Celebs... Just like you and me they have their choices as well. You don't own them! So stop interfering in their personal lives! Anyways, If you have not checked the Interview already... Check it out!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Ayaz Ahmed's Girlfriend?

Fans are curious about the love life of their favorite TV Stars. That is probably why there are over 60,000 searches on Google for 'Ayaz Ahmed girl friend', 'Ayaz Ahmed girlfriends' and 'Ayaz Ahmed ex girlfriend'. What prompted me to write this Post is a mail from an Ayaz fan to help her meet him so that she can confess her love for him. Despite of my polite refusal telling that I have nothing to do with the KY2 Actors, she kept begging and pleading with me. After that she started showering abuses on me. She had literally become a 'pest' and I had to block her. I do get messages or mails once in a while from Parth Samthaan fanatics who are eager to meet him too because of my Fanpage of the Show, but no one has irritated me to this level.
Talking of Ayaz Ahmed link ups, most fans are aware of Priyanka Purohit of Splitsvilla 7 and  Nikita Sharma of Do Dil Ek Jaan. But do you know that apart from Do Dil Ek Jaan, Nikita Sharma has acted as Ayaz Ahmed's girlfriend in UTV Bindass Yeh Hai Aashiqui? Ayaz and Nikita played the young lovers Kanishk and Pragya in this Episodic. The story is about how their love wins over the enmity of their families. Check it out!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Niti Taylor in MTV Webbed Story

Niti Taylor played the role of a school girl Divya in the episodic MTV Webbed Episode 2 - Unfriended and Heartbroken. If you have not watched this, you should definitely watch this and be cautious about who you make friends with on the Internet. It's true that Internet has revolutionized the way we make friends. It is now possible to make friends from anywhere in the World because of the Internet. But how safe is it to get closer to someone over the internet? One wrong move and you could become a victim to the Cyber criminal just like Divya.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Sneak Peek of Nandini Murthy's Birthday outfit

Want to see what Nandini Murty aka Niti Taylor is going to wear for Puja? Check out this Telly Bytes video revealing her look for her Birthday.
Image Credit : Niti Taylor Instagram Photo

Friday, June 19, 2015

Niti Taylor aka Nandini Murthy of KY2 talks about the Rainy Season

Niti Taylor aka Nandini Murthy of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan talks about the Rainy Season on Telly Masala Monsoon Special. She speaks about what she loves to do in Monsoon, co-actor Parth Samthaan, her favorite Holiday destination etc. Check it out!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Charlie Chauhan Audio Interview on IndiaTVForum

Charlie Chauhan says in an Audio Interview on IndiaTVForum, "Thanks to our fans the show is because of them". Check it out!
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Ayaz Ahmed Audio Interview on IndiaTVForum

"KY2 has broken a lot of barriers" says Ayaz Abr Ahmed in an Audio Interview on IndiaTVForum. Check it out!
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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Parth Samthaan's Audio Interview on IndiaTVForum

Parth Samathaan aka Manik Malhotra of KY2 talked to IndiaTVForum from Dharamshala that explains for the poor Audio Quality of the IV. Do check it out!

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