Sunday, August 16, 2015

Are you an Obsessed fan of MTV Show Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan?

For a Show to be sold to viewers, it is very important to create compulsion and obsession for the Show. Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan is one such Show (despite of numerous flaws) that has managed to do that. No wonder it has been a top rated show beating better shows like YHM and Jodha Akbar on India Forum Chaska Meter. The lead pair of Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan, Parth Samthaan and Niti Taylor, are among the top ten in the television celebrity index. There is no denying that it is the fan power that is responsible for the success of the Show and popularity of actors in the Show.
Parth Samthaan Niti Taylor Movie
Fans want PaNi together!
The words Obsession, Compulsion and Addiction do not mean the same thing. But yes… They are closely related and often used interchangeably. When a person is ‘obsessed’ they derive pleasure by thinking about their obsession for a significant amount of time. When someone is obsessed the affected person feels driven to do something, even when they are aware that such behavior will not benefit them or put them into trouble/suffering later. Obsession turns to Compulsion when they feel compelled to do something. Addiction can involve obsession and compulsion. An addict may think obsessively about their ‘subject of interest’ and waits eagerly for it and indulge in activities that give them their ‘fix’. An Addict may be fully aware of the harm but still can’t stop the craving for the ‘fix’ or having wild imaginations about their ‘subject of interest’. ‘Fantasy living’ is often part of addictive behavior. Fantasizing about intimacy or romantic relationship with subject of interest and fantasizing about being desirable to the subject of interest are some signs of addictive behavior. In short, if obsessed ‘you have to do it’ and if addicted ‘you can’t live without doing it’. I am sure you may have heard about Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). OCD is a condition where even when the person tries to stop doing something they feel powerless to stop themselves. This can often lead to Depression as well. This is a very serious condition that needs help to overcome it.
Parth Niti couple family
Some Fans like imagining PaNi as a real Couple
You may wonder why I am talking of terms like Obsession, Addiction and Depression.  I am doing so because I have noticed such signs among KY2 fans. While it is good for the makers and actors of the Show to have ‘obsessed fans’, think of the consequences it can have on you. Can you get back the lost time you have wasted obsessing about the actors and the Show? I know countless fans that make sure they reach their homes on time to watch the Show even if that means bunking extra classes or making excuses. I know fans that have bunked their classes and gone to meet the Cast in Mumbai. I know a girl who spends her entire pocket money to send gifts for cast and then had to suffer personally.  Many KY2 fans have confessed that the Show has become an addiction and they are not able to concentrate on their studies. I have also come across fans that spend a considerable amount of time making edits, writing fan fictions, watching KYY videos, making videos and more. For most fans their liking for the show has lead them to abandon their real names and pictures and use the Show related names and pictures on their social media accounts.
ky2 fans obsessive behavior
Height of Obsession?
There is nothing wrong in liking a particular show, but when it interferes with your normal life that can be a problem. Many obsessed or addicted fans find it difficult to focus on their work or studies. Many fans find that they have no time for anything other than things related to the Show. Many KY2 fans have interfered in the Creative freedom and personal lives of actors. However, I just would like to ask such fans a question. Is it right to stop someone from leaving the show if he wants to? Parth was clear about what he wants from the beginning itself.  He has said that in many of his interviews. He would have quit in March itself but could not take the emotional outburst of fans and continued. He had verbally communicated his decision to quit much in advance prior to putting his papers. Still fans have been bashing Karishmaa Oluchi  on social media. If Parth has quit the show, it is his decision and should be respected. Just because some fans are obsessed does not mean that he should not have a life for himself or choice. But we all know majority of fans have been begging and pleading Parth not to go. People have been trending #NoKYYWithoutParthNiti and #VwantKY2S2withPaNi. Fans have been asking others to boycott KY2 Season 2 after the news that Parth may not be part of Season 2. In all probability, there won’t be a KYY Season 2 now and fans may have succeeded in taking away the ‘bread and butter’ of the other Casts (or at least one of the KY2 Casts) with their demands for PaNi. If that’s not all some fans have been indulging in destructive behavior. There have been buzz on fans getting sick and even attempting suicide because of the Show ending.  A friend of mine having a KY2 Facebook Group revealed that one of her friends was hospitalized in serious condition and refused to take medicines till she hear Parth taking her name. Another incident of craziness is a girl writing Parth’s name on her leg with some sharp object and even posting a picture of it on Social Media. A fan of mine also admitted that she got a Parth name tattoo on her belly. Liking a Show is perfectly fine, but this sort of craziness cannot be encouraged.
I mean no offense to anyone. I am aware that a lot of you can relate to what I have written in the Post and may be annoyed. But I thought it my moral responsibility to say that Obsession and Addiction should be avoided. I am not perfect. In my school days I have been addicted to Mills & Boons and regretted it. I have been obsessed with the K Drama BOF. A Client had sent me the DVD and I spend more than a month watching the drama again and again and doing nothing else. Thankfully, none of my obsessions have lasted for long except Mills & Boons for almost 5 teenage years. Teenage is such a phase when you are curious about such things and get attracted to it. So I can understand the teen viewer’s attraction towards a bold show like KY2. But think about it! Actors have a limited shelf life. People will remember them as long as they are visible on Shows or stay in news. Once they are out of sight they will be out of mind as well. Same is the case of Shows. After the Show is over, your interest in it will be lost after some time. Then all the acts of craziness you have done will look to you as foolish and you may even regret it.  So keep your interest on Shows to ‘liking’ and don’t make Shows/Actors your ‘obsession’.
Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan is addictive and addictions are injurious. Do you agree? Comments and Criticisms are welcome!
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