Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Friendship Day Message with a difference from Ruma Sharma

I like spreading Social Messages through my writing. Writers have the power to influence people through their writing. But the power Celebrities have is immense!  I can say the same thing what a Celebrity say about a Social cause but people will listen more to a Celebrity than me. Good... Bad... or Ugly... people follow Celebs and like to do whatever they do. So here I am trying to make a difference by getting Ruma Sharma to give a Friendship Day Message with a difference. Actually when Ruma told me that she would like to say Thanks to the fans and wish fans on Friendship Day, I asked her, "How about a Friendship Day message with a difference?"  and she readily agreed!  Check it out!
As she mentioned, It was only 2 days back we were talking about binge eating and I told her about Alya having Bulimia in KY2. And we ended up sharing about people we know. So I hope you will take her message to heart and be the real friend to your friends. Apart from what she said, I want to add that friends and family are no alternative for Therapy to come out of this condition. But friends and family definitely can be a great support.
Image Courtesy: Wikipedia