Boys Over Flowers Playlist

Looking for Boys Over Flowers Background Music and Songs? Check out the YouTube video below! This is a Playlist video, so you can hear all the songs without leaving this Page.
Just like I am obsessed about this Korean Drama and have seen it already 15 plus times, I am obsessed about the songs too! No day passes for me without hearing them. Even if I don't hear them all, I make sure I hear at least some of my favorites.

Playlist Contents
  1. Almost Paradise
  2. Because I'm Stupid
  3. Do you know
  4. Stand by Me
  5. Lucky in my Life
  6. Starlight Tears
  7. A Little
  8. One more Time
  9. I know (Instrumental)
  10. Dance with me (Instrumental)
  11. Blue Flower (Instrumental)
  12. So sad (Instrumental)
  13. Paradise (Instrumental)
  14. Say yes
  15. Ashwioon maeumingeol 
  16. Aeinmandeulgi 
  17. Eotteokhajyo 
  18. Love is Fire 
  19. Love you 
  20. Saranggateun guh 
  21. Noonmoori nanda 
  22. Cellogic 
  23. Dagagada Violin 
  24. Natseon hae 
  25. Sarangeul wihayeo