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Boys over Flowers is a South Korean Television Series based on the hugely popular Japanese Manga series Boys over Flowers. This series directed by Jeon Gi-sang was first broadcasted on 5th January 2009 on KBS2. The main cast of the Drama is Koo Hye-sun, Lee Min-ho, Kim Hyun-joong, Kim Beom and Kim Jun. The great story, intriguing characters and beautiful cast made the drama series of 25 episodes immensely popular. Even the filming locations of Boys over Flowers Television Series became tourist attractions and sought after holiday destinations. Boys over Flowers merchandize like Kissing Star Necklace and earrings are now popular collectibles of fans of this Drama. Boys over Flowers DVD with subtitles in English are also available on sites like Amazon. Soundtracks of this Television series are quite popular too. The cast members of this Drama became household names and shot to stardom overnight. Boys over flowers won several awards and recognitions for the year 2009.
The American remake of “Boys over Flowers” is “Boys before Friends”. In “Boys before Friends” the love story develops in a performing arts graduate school. The Internationally Acclaimed Korean Series 'Boys over Flowers' also won the heart of Indian viewers after a tamil dubbed version was telecasted on Pudhuyugam TV in May 2014.
Geum Jan-Di (played by Koo Hye-seon)who hails from a poor family running a Dry Cleaning business. She gets selected to join the prestigious Shinhwa High School attended by the scions of the wealthiest families by a scholarship after saving a Shinhwa student from committing suicide after being bullied by the notorious gang of four known as F4 (Flower Four Boys). Geum Jan-Di gets the dreaded 'red card' and becomes the target of the powerful F4 members hailing from super rich families. Jan-di stands up to F4 (Gu Jun-pyo, Yoon Ji-hoo, So Yi-jeong and Song Woo-bin)and declares war against them for the first time in the history of Shinhwa High School. Goo Jun-pyo (played by Lee Min-ho) ,the leader of F4 and heir of the Shinhwa Group, makes her life miserable at the school.
Geum Jan-Di finds a friend in on Jun-pyo’s best friend Yoon Ji-hoo (played by Kim Hyun-joong ), the grandson of a former Korean president, who save her numerous times. Yoon Ji-hoo has a driving phobia after being involved in a car accident that kills his parents. Geum Jan-Di develops feelings for her knight in shining armor Yoon Ji-hoo. On Jan-di's encouragement, Ji-hoo goes abroad to join his model girlfriend Min Seo-hyun but eventually falls for Geum Jan-di. Jun Pyo soon finds himself attracted to Jan Di. He tries to keep away from her in vain because of her poor family background. Jun-pyo openly professes his love for Jan-Di in front of the entire school. Jan-di also realizes that her feelings for Yoon Ji-hoo is just friendly and it is Jun-pyo that she loves. Geum Jan-di's friend Oh Min-ji (played by Lee Si-young) who harbors deep feelings for Gu Jun-pyo tries her best to sabotage Jan-di’s relationship with Jun-pyo. But Oh Min-ji gets exposed and Jan-di breaks her friendship with her. Jun-pyo's mother Kang Hee-soo (played by Lee Hye-young ) who disapproves of Jan-di creates difficulties and misunderstandings between the couple. However, Gu Jun-pyo's elder sister Gu Jun-hee (played by Kim Hyun-joo) supports his relationship and acts like a protective sister to Jan-di.
F4's Casanova So Yi-jeong (played by Kim Bum), a skilled potter, becomes the heir to Korea’s largest art museum after his older brother leaves the family. He eventually becomes good friends with Jan-di. He also helps Jan-di’s best friend Chu Ga-eul (played by Kim So-eun), who works in a porridge shop, get over her cheating ex-boyfriend. Chu Ga-eul falls in love with So Yi-jeong. So Yi-jeong changes his playboy ways and reciprocates his feelings for Chu Ga-eul.
F4's Don Juan Song Woo-bin (played by Kim Joon) is the heir to a successful construction Company and has strong connections to the mafia. He is attracted to Older Women and goes out nightclubbing and partying a lot. Whenever his fellow F4 members are in trouble, Song Wu-bin uses his underworld connections to solve the problems. Like Yi-jeong, Song Woo-bin also befriends Jan-di and becomes caring and protective towards her.
After breaking up with Min Seo-hyun, Ji-hoo returns to Korea prepared to declare his feelings for Jan-di. But he hides his feelings for jan-di after finding out about Jan-di and Jun-pyo. However, he is unsuccessful hiding it and Jun-pyo finds about his feelings for Jan-di. Gu Jun-pyo gets engaged to Ha Jae-kyung (played by Lee Min-jung). Although the engagement was arranged by their parents, Ha Jae-kyung develop feelings for Gu Jun-pyo, which he does not reciprocate. Ha Jae-kyung become friends with Jan-di. However, when she realizes Jun-pyo and Jan-di are destined to be together, she amicably ends her relationship with Jun-pyo. Boys over Flowers Television Series ends with Gu Jun-pyo proposing to Jan-di and the other F4 members joining them.  
My favorite Quotes from Boys over Flowers  “I declare War!” ~ Geum Jan-Di
"I'd rather get all my ribs broken than let them damage one of your fingers" ~ Gu Jun-Pyo
"I may definitely be cool, but I'm not a good guy" ~ So Yi Jung
"Did you call 911? I'm here to put out the fire." ~ Yoon Ji-hoo

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My verdict on Boys over Flowers : Very entertaining (I have watched it already 15 times!)