Saturday, August 8, 2015

KY2 Season 2: Hit or Miss?

Majority of MaNan PaNi Fans have already given the verdict that it will be a flop show if Parth Samthaan won’t be part of the Show. Social Networking sites and Forums have been quite active with discussions and speculations ever since the TeleChakkar Article announcing KY2 Season 2 sans Parth Samthaan came up.  Karishmaa Oluchi, Creative Director at BBC Worldwide, also confirmed Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan season 2 with her tweet, “Await #Season2 #KYY2 #Revamping #WorkInProgress #FillingInColorsSoon #ComingSoon”. Majority of fans want a happy ending for KY2 with FAB5 united and MaNan going strong. They want the evil to lose their battle. But as per sources we choose not to disclose, just like Warrior High, Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan also may not see a happy ending.
More than the lead pair of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan, it is the KY2 fans that are responsible for the Show success. Fans have tolerated the Show for the sake of MaNan despite of the numerous flaws of the Show like lack of finality of scenes, bad editing, lack of logic or reasoning in scenes, bloopers, poor execution, bad audio quality and irritating sponsor ads shown as part of the show to name a few. Fans have been so crazy about the PaNi pairing that they could not even tolerate Parth’s real life friends and have left no stones unturned to bash them. Also, the pairing of the characters Manik and Nandini (MaNan) has such popularity that it is going to be difficult for fans to even imagine any other character paired with Nandini. There are chances that Parth may not be part of the Season 2 Cast because of his continuous health issues. Also, Parth had said in many interviews that KY2 may be his last show and he wants to take a break after KY2 and get into films. As of now there is a lot of confusion as to whether Parth will be part of Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 2 Cast or not. Anyways, the viewers should be able to know if Parth’s character Manik will be there in Season 2 in a couple of days as the show is coming to an end. If Parth is not going to be part of KY2 Season 2, majority of MaNan/PaNi fans may quit watching the Show than watching it for the sake of the other actors in the Show.
If news about Karan Jotwani and Niti Taylor pairing is true, majority of fans will have trouble accepting them as a romantic couple.  One major flaw of Niti Taylor and Karan Jotwani pairing is that they are more like siblings off screen according to most fans stalking them on social networking sites. If that is the case and KY2 Season 2 is also going to be a bold show, then that may not be easy for the actors. In short, according to some KY2 fans, the character Aryamann can be a good friend for Nandini but not a romantic partner.  But we beg to differ! They are actors after all and may be able to do justice to the pairing. If two ‘not so friendly’ actors could create magic on screen, it’s quite possible that two ‘friendly actors’ can have the same or better effect. It’s too early to come to a conclusion if the pairing will work or not. However, the KY2 Creative’s have always been unpredictable.  Let’s see how they wind up Season one to come to a conclusion as to KarNi may happen in Season 2 or not. What say Guys?
Do you want Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 2?
KY2 Season 2 ~ Hit or Miss? Do share your Opinions below!
Note: This is a General Article summing up the Buzz going around regarding KY2 Season 2 and asking fans to share their Opinions. Read the Post carefully before commenting! No offense meant to anyone!

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