Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Breaking News: Parth Samthaan not part of Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 2!

Majority of fans have been hoping that Parth Samthaan would start shooting from next week despite of confirmations that he is not part of KYY Season 2 by numerous sites. But now the Actor himself has put an end to all speculations by posting his statement on Instagram and Twitter saying, " I wish all the best for the entire cast and unit. I truly hope that Yaariyan becomes a bigger hit than it was. I am sorry for the late announcement and all disappointments. I had the most memorable journey and I thank each and everyone on the Show for this...and hence it's time for me to move on! Of course this goes without saying that you people supported and loved me always... appreciated my work...can't thank enough on that. Most importantly, I would like to thank MTV and BBC for being there for me and helping me always. And finally... I am glad I am leaving on a high! Anyway, the show must go on. Okay...Thanks... Bye!"

There was an Article on two days quoting a statement from BBC World Wide Head Myleeta Aga. "He must be having his reasons, could be he is offered a mainstream GEC show. Let's face it, a youth show has limited growth potential". Parth himself had said in many interviews that he would like to make an entry to Bollywood and try new things. So this could be the reasons why he does not want to commit for KY2 season 2. However, the fans have been trending and trying to pressurize Parth to continue with the Show ever since the news than he may not be part of season 2 came out. This I feel is really wrong. Just because you are obsessed about the actor does not mean that you should make his life miserable with the emotional outburst and pleading on Social Media. He is a good actor and is capable of doing much more than what is doing at the moment. So if you really love him, set him free and respect his decision. The same article that quoted Myleetha Aga also had another quote regarding KY2 Season 2 saying , "I just wish Parth had given us some more time before quitting. Had we got that additional leeway it would have been easier for the writing team to write a more cohesive and juicy script around Fab 5. Also one more challenge is that although the other actors especially girls (Veebha Anand, Charlie Chauhan and Krissann Barretto), have willingly agreed to stay for season 2 and are obviously ready for meatier roles. They don't have enough dates as they are already committed other projects as well". I want to say that this statement that Parth is the reason why The Season finale was messed up is not true at all. As per my sources in the KY2 Sets, "He had given them enough time. He expressed his desire verbally to quit much earlier to putting his papers. They had more than a month to wind up the Show on a positive note. But Yes, Parth quit in the 2nd week of August much before the Show had wind up". So Parth can't be blamed for the 'garbage' the viewers were made to tolerate. They could have wound up the Show in the 2nd week of August itself instead of dragging it to another two weeks so that the filler scenes could have been avoided. But they did not do that! I have told this before in my Articles and Forum Posts. No Show should depend on just one actor or a couple. They were supposed to give all the lead actors equal exposure. If they would have done that, the absence or replacement of an actor in the Show would not have made much difference. But they failed miserably and they disappointed the fans.

Having said the above, I do not agree with the fans demand of closing the Show in the absence of Parth Samthaan. The Show is a top rated one despite of its numerous flaws so I see nothing wrong if the makers want to continue with a Season 2. I don't think that the other Cast should suffer because of the absence of one actor. As of now, there is no news regarding who will be paired opposite Niti Taylor in the Show. May be they may bring another actor as Manik or may pair her opposite an existing character or new character. Whatever the case may be, I think the viewers should trust them and their judgement. If the makers of the Show could create a popular onscreen couple like MaNan, I am sure that they are capable of doing it again. So What do you think? Let me know your Opinion.