Monday, September 7, 2015

Parth Samthaan should say an Yes or No!

I am not a Parth Samthaan fan! And that does not mean that I am a fan of Niti Taylor or any other member of the Cast. I am just a KY2 S2 viewer who is pissed off by the #MTVBringParthBack trend that is going on Twitter. Parth/MaNan fans have been tweeting day and night hoping that they could get Parth Samthaan back to Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan. They have been demanding a ‘happily ever after’ for the MaNan love story. But they have got no response from Parth Samthaan or the makers of the Show so far.
Many fans have been risking their time and health to support this trend. Some have been even tagging the Sponsors of the Show, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, Bollywood Actors Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan to name a few to interfere and get them justice. Many of the fans who have been participating in the trend have been calling names and posting abusive tweets directed towards MTV India EVP and business head Aditya Swamy on the basis of rumors spread by some Parth fan. Despite of Parth saying in the India Forum video that no one is responsible for him quitting the show and he quit for advancement in Career, majority of fans refuse to believe his words. Most feel that he has been pressurized into giving a statement by the Channel. There cannot be any truth in this. First of all, if that was the case, the Channel would have asked him to postpone his statement about him not being part of the Show for another week as viewers were hoping to see him only by then. Parth Samthaan coming up with a statement on the very next day after the first episode of KY2 S2 makes me a bit suspicious (Maybe it is my investigative journalism background that makes me think that way) as to if he really wants KY2 S2 without him to succeed or not. Many fans that started watching the Show hoping that Parth will join the Cast after his vacation in Bangalore stopped watching the show after his announcement. If they have known that Parth won’t be back after a few more episodes, they probably may have continued watching the show. Having said that, I also don’t think fans should pressurize Parth Samthaan to return because he left the show on his own. There are two Questions I would like to ask the fans promoting #MTVBringParthBack.
1.    Have you bothered to ask if Parth Samthaan is interested to come back?
2.    Do you think that he stands a chance to be asked back after all the abusive trends by his Supporters?
As per sources known to me, no one is at fault for Parth leaving the Show. He left the Show for betterment in Career. If the fans really love him, they should support his decision to move on and also support his future endeavors.
In my Opinion, definitely KY2 S2 looks much more promising and realistic than the Season 1. In Season one, the Creative’s had given into the demands of the viewers and had prioritized MaNan when they should have given equal importance to all the characters and concentrated more on the ‘Yaariyan’ part.  Also, in Season 1 there have been too many Bloopers and editing mistakes. It really looks like the Creative’s are making an effort to rectify their mistakes in KY2 S2. So I definitely think that KY2 S2 needs to be supported.  As far as I see, there are a lot of fans who think the same way as I do and have expressed their support for KY2 S2. Niti Taylor and Karan Jotwani tweeted to KY2 fans to support the show saying that it is not their fault that someone has left the Show. Both of them were bashed on twitter, forums and facebook groups because of their tweets. Charlie Chauhan also made it clear in a video on India Forums that Parth Samthaan left the Show on his own but majority of fans prefer to believe that Charlie Chauhan was asked by the Channel to give such a statement. However, the supporters of KY2 S2 voiced their support for Niti Taylor and KY2 S2 Cast by participating in the trend #WithYouNiti. Within a day and a half they have managed to cross 50,000 tweets. Niti acknowledged their efforts and thanked them through the Audio message given below.
The fans trending for #MTVBringParthBack are waiting for Parth Samthaan and the Channel to acknowledge their efforts.  I don’t think the Channel would give into the pressure of fans as Creative Freedom should not be interfered with.  If the Channel may have taken any step, they may definitely have taken it after proper analysis. And moreover, why would they leave the publicity they are getting for free? Not only the channel, but the sponsors also have been getting the mileage out of the trends.  People who had no clue who Aditya Swamy is now know who he is. Having said that, I think it is high time that Parth Samthaan comes out with an ‘Yes or No’. The popularity Parth Samthaan is getting because of the trends may definitely be giving him an ego boost and may be getting him noticed by some ‘right’ people who can help him with his Career, but he definitely owes it to his fans to come out with a response.  I really hope that he does not keep his fans waiting for long.
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