Saturday, September 5, 2015

Big Magic Boyz and Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan : A Comparison

What is similar between the BigMagic Show Boyz and MTV Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan? Apart from the fact that both are Shows that I follow, I can point out at least 6 similarities.
  1. Both are Shows based on Youth and College Life. While the KY2 story revolves around the characters studying in the Music College SPACE Academy, the characters of Boyz are students of Kings College of Law.
  2. Both the Shows are based on friendships. The KY2 lead characters (Nandini, Navya, Mukti, Alya, Aryaman & Dhruv) are friends who stick together in thick and thin. In Boyz, the male lead characters (Kulwinder, Prateek & Lakshya) may play pranks on each other, but they are friends who support each other too.
  3. Another similarity is Jasmine Avasia. Jasmine played the role of Soha Khurana is KY2 and she portrays the role of the hot and sexy Jane in Boyz. Also, Scarlett Rose who played the role of Rose in KY2 was supposed to play the role of the hot Bengali Teacher Ms Chatterjee in Boyz. However, she was replaced by Navina Bhole.
  4. Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan has adapted many things from many places and the latest (seen in KY2 S2) is the very popular hashtag dialogue of the character Prateek Paswan (Nikhil Mehta) of Boyz. 
  5. The leads of both the Shows have sung for the Show, While the character Manik portrayed by Parth Samthaan sang the O Yaara Song at the Talent Hunt, Nikhil Mehta portraying the role of Prateek Paswan sang for the radio promotion of Boyz.
  6. And of course there is the Splitsvilla connection as well. KY2 Cast included Splitsvilla Contestants Ayaz Ahmed, Scarlett Rose, Jasmine Avasia, Utkarsh Gupta and Abhishek Malik. The Boyz Cast includes Splitsvilla contestants Aswini Koul, Jasmine Avasia and Sana Sayyad.
  7. How can I forget the Vikas Gupta connection? Vikas Gupta was initially associated with both the Shows. Vikas Gupta is one of the reasons why KY2 turned bold. The initial articles on Boyz (when Vikas Gupta was associated with the Show) announced it as a “bold sex comedy”. However, since Yash and Mamta Patnaik’s Beyond Dreams Production is handling the Show now, the chances of the Show being ’bold’ is doubtful.
For those who are not aware of the Show Boyz on BigMagic Channel, it is the story of three young boys and their college-life adventures. So, if you are a fan of Youth based Shows and love to laugh, Boyz would not disappoint you. You may follow my Boyz Written Updates Blog for Written Updates, Videos and Cast Interviews.

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