Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Stop playing with KY2S2 viewers!

Majority of KY2S2 Viewers have no problem with the Yaariyan Concept. Even they are okay with the fact that Parth Samthaan and Ayaz Ahmed are not part of KY2S2. The viewers are okay with MaNan Scene flashbacks too. Majority of viewers are also okay if Yuvraj Thakur is paired up with Niti Taylor in the future. The KY2S2 viewers are also okay with Richa Yamini not being part of the Show. But hear this loud and clear! Viewers are not okay with idiotic plots and advertisements shown as part of KY2S2. The KY2S2 viewers have supported you against fan girls who are trending for MaNan HEA and those demanding Parth Samthaan to be ‘called back’ to the Show. So have respect on these viewers and stop dishing out garbage to them.
In KY2S2, the CV’s have corrected many mistakes they have done in Season 1.
  1. KY2 was supposed to be about friendships, considering the name of the Show and the fact that it is an adaptation of BOF. BOF was the story of Jan-di and the bonds she makes with the members of F4 and others. It was not about just her and Jun-Pyo. All the main characters (except for Song Woo-bin) had equal roles to play and the absence of one or more characters in any episode did not make any difference to the Show. Jan-di is shown as a very strong and daring character fighting her own battles without anyone’s support. It should have been the same in Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan but somewhere down the line the CV’s diverted from the concept prioritizing MaNan and the actor Parth Samthaan was given undue importance. And the results where there for all to see. For most viewers KY2 equals MaNan. The absence of Parth Samthaan in even one episode also became ‘intolerable’ for viewers.  In KY2S2, the CV’s have corrected their mistake and prioritized Yaariaan.
  2. KY2S1 had countless editing mistakes and bloopers from the beginning of the Show. It looks like that the makers of the Show has taken conscious efforts to rectify these mistakes in KY2S2 and have succeeded to some extent too. But that’s not enough! In KY2S2 we have seen some mistakes too and WE do not want to see it repeated.
  3. Majority of KY2S2 Viewers are okay with the fact that Parth Samthaan and Ayaz Ahmed are not part of the Show.  They are also okay with ‘no MaNan HEA’. As per Vishal Watwani and our own sources, when Parth Samthaan announced quitting the show, the Production House had tried their best to retain him but failed. So they decided to terminate his character and come up with a Season 2 where the rest of the characters are shown coping up with their lives. There is absolutely nothing wrong in this! It would have been foolish to wrap up the show that was doing well. Also, it would not have been right to render the other actors jobless just because some actors were bored with the Show. Ayaz and Parth did not want to continue because they had lost interest in their characters and majority of KY2S2 viewers respected their decision. 
  4. Most KY2S2 viewers are also okay with Yuvraj Thakur/another actor being paired opposite Niti Taylor in future. If at all it happens, they are smart enough to understand that it will not be immediate. There will be fights, conversations and friendship before there will be love.  It will not be easy to remove Manik’s memories from Nandini’s mind and that too especially when Maddy has Manik’s voice and has some character traits similar to Manik. So if love happens from Madhyam’s side, it will be with acceptance of Manik’s place in Nandini’s life. Let’s think practical! Nandini is only 18 years old. She deserves happiness and love. Is it right to expect her to live a single life just because of her previous relationship?
  5. The usage of MaNan Scenes and Cabir scenes are justified to some extent. Manik and Cabir were important characters in Season 1 and Season 2 is all about the other characters coping with their absence. The makers definitely do have the legal rights to use the scenes in flashbacks in whatever way they want it but too much of it in the Episodes is not tolerable. 
  6. If Karishmaa Oluchi was brought in as replacement for Richa Yamini, she definitely should have something in her that made the makers of KY2 believe in her. It is foolishness to expect her to be Richa Yamini. She is a different individual and has her own way of doing things. She was part of shows like Sadda Haq – My Life My Choice, Veera, Punar Vivah, Hatim, Million Dollar Girl, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se, Kairi, Khoobsurat, Dhoond Legi Manzil Hamein and more. So her creative freedom should not be questioned or interfered with. Trust her judgment, she knows what she is doing and I am sure she won’t disappoint us.
  7. From what I have gathered from the comments of fans on Forums and fan pages, KY2S2 Viewers are quite happy about the makeovers and wardrobe of the actors post KY2S1. Nandini and Navya especially look much better in KY2S2. Keep it up!
  8. Hear this loud and clear! KY2S2 Viewers find the Sponsor Ads shown as part of the Show irritating! The Advertisements do not make any sense at all. It is fine if you are under pressure and can’t avoid it. You can show the products in the scenes or background, but don’t make the actors pitch for the product or talk about it. Just because you did not take away the bread and butter of the other actors and wrap up the show does not mean that you have to exploit these actors.
  9. Most of the things that was shown in KY2S1 did not make any sense! Many things shown in KY2S2 also do not make any sense.  Nandini wants to win the Election because she wants to unveil the mystery of the bomb blast? Like seriously? How can it be bomb blast when the bomb was already removed? Also, Aryaman is aware that the Car had a brake failure.  Forget all that, how is Nandini’s winning the election suppose to unveil the mystery of the Accident? It does not make any sense at all!  And Rishab started speaking all of a sudden hearing some rock music? It is as senseless as Nandini recovering from the Pandit trauma all of a sudden. I have a friend who went through a similar experience as that of Nandini. She took almost 2 years to recover despite of Expert help. Also it does not make any sense seeing Harshad still in SPACE Academy. The viewers have tolerated enough crap in Season 1 already including bad editing, bloopers and continuity issues, and now enough is enough! The KY2S2 viewers are okay with KY2 going non-bold but can’t tolerate senseless plots and garbage anymore.
There is a limit to testing the viewer’s patience. Don’t forget that these are people who still stand by you and defend the PH and Creative’s when you are being bashed. Disappointing these loyal KY2S2 viewers is definitely not a good idea. I hope the makers will mend their ways and give the viewers a Show they will be proud watching.
Are you a Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan S2 viewer? If so, Please feel free to share your opinion on this Post.