Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Manik supports Nandini's Dressing Style at the MTV Next Top Model Promotion on KY2

India's Next Top Model panelist (Grooming Expert & Image Consultant) Neeraj Gaba is on the stage and addressing a crowd. He says, "There are a lot of trends that's happening and we try to follow all of those. But always remember, something that is very unique and something that is very you is your style!" Nandini Murthy (Niti Taylor) and Aryamann Khurana (Karan Jotwani)comes to the stage and stands facing the crowd while Neeraj Gaba is sitting on a couch. Some girl from the crowd shouts, "Nandini is a fashion disaster!" Nandini hangs her head and stands there looking ashamed of herself. Manik (Parth Samthaan) comes to the stage and stands next to Nandini. He holds her hand. Nandini looks at him and then at his hand. She again hangs her head. He says, "... Expensive clothes and cheap minds... you all will be fashion disaster". The crowd claps. Neeraj Gaba goes near her and keeps a hands on Nandini's shoulders. He says, "We always like to keep it simple... and it works for you! Congratulations!" Manik and the crowd claps. Nandini gives a slight smile but still does not look up.
If this is a sneak peek of a Scene coming up on Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan, then I would say that this is no way for the Channel and Production House to make money. Neeraj Gaba is in the Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Sets to promote MTV Next Top Model and the people behind Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan make money by giving screen space to promote MTV Next Top Model. But is it right to portray a strong character in the Show as weak and ashamed of herself? The whole scene is contradictory to the sort of person Nandini is. Nandini Moorthy is someone who not only speaks for herself but for others also. She is the one who made the plan for the ItsNotUsItsYou Campaign and got justice for Mukti. She is in no way weak. She is not the sort who will take insults and not speak a word. She never needed someone else to speak for her. The whole scene projected Nandini as some one who is so weak and under confident. What do you think Guys? Do you agree with me or not? Please comment below and let me know your opinion. Check out the Video below for more!

Image Courtesy: Tellybytes Video