Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Congratulations Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan fans on One Year of KY2

Congratulations Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan fans! More than the KY2 Cast and makers you deserve applause for KY2 successfully completing one year. Without you all this victory would not have been possible! No show in the Indian Television can boast of such dedicated fans and I want to congratulate you all for that! You are the real Superstars! You are responsible for the Show to be successful despite of its numerous flaws! You have tolerated the Show despite of the numerous bloopers, Sponsor Ad Campaigns, bad editing and poor audio quality. Even when you could not find any logic or reasoning behind many of the scenes, you Guys never complained! So this is your success!
The KY2 fandom has always shown their power. You managed to trend #WeLoveManan and #WeLoveNitiTaylor on the top spots on Twitter trends. You managed to bring back Abhishek Malik to the Show. You managed to pressurize Parth Samthaan to stay back on the Show when he had almost quit. You Guys have always been open about your likes and dislikes in the story line.  You have popularized the Show further through Forums, Facebook Fan Pages, Groups and more. You have sided with your favorite actors against the other shows fandom. I know a lot of Ky2 fans who spend majority of their time making cast edits, writing fan fictions, VM’s and more. Most of you have even forgotten your identities and use the avatars of your favorite stars and even use show related names too as user ID! I don’t think I will get to see such dedicated fans anywhere else! Realize your power Guys! Celebrities are nothing without you! You have the power to change and demand things!
I and my Team wish all KY2 fans a very happy Anniversary! I also want to thank you all for the support you have given me on this Blog and Social Media Sites. Thank you!

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