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Boys over Flowers Episode 2 Story (Part 2)

Lee Min-Ho Gu Jun-Pyo Boys over Flowers
Jun-pyo is angry. He asks the maids to throw away the dress and shoes.  He then tells the Manager to fire all the maids who waited on telling that it was not up to his expectations. He sees a fly and hide s to escape. The Manager chases the fly away.
Jun-pyo : it’s gone?
Manager : Yes, we chased it out. (Jun-pyo goes and sits on a chair. The maids stand near him with tea).
Jun-pyo: Did you brew the tea?
Maid : Sorry Young Master ( Jun-pyo walks away  after instructing the Manager to fire the maid).
Geum Jan-di   is now wearing her uniform and trying to find her way out from the mansion. She is amazed seeing the washrooms bigger than her whole house. The remembers her conversation with Jun-pyo.
Geum Jan-di   : And one more thing… It seems that you don’t know friends cannot be bought by money… You use your heart to reach out to them.
Jun-pyo: There is nothing that can’t be bought with money. Tell me… if there is such a thing around that money can’t buy. 

Ku Hye-Seon Geum Jan-Di Boys over Flowers
Geum Jan-di  is walking on the road and realizes that she is wearing the high heels and not school shoe. She takes it out and throws to a house compound. Dogs start barking suddenly. Yoon Ji-hoo comes there riding in a bike.
Yoon Ji-hoo : You again? Geum Jan-di   is embarrassed.
Geum Jan-di   and Yoon Ji-hoo are sitting inside a park.
Geum Jan-di   : Are you going somewhere?
Yoon Ji-hoo : Home… you?
Geum Jan-di  : I am going home too. (He looks at her)
Yoon Ji-hoo : In this manner?
Geum Jan-di  : Some situation came up. (Ji-Hoo laughs) Why? 
Yoon Ji-hoo: Every time I see you… You are in some dramatic situation.
Geum Jan-di  : That’s right! (She sadly looks at her feet) Can I ask you something? (He looks at her) Is there something in this world that cannot be bought by money? Something that even if you are willing to spend millions… you can’t get it. There isn’t right?
Yoon Ji-Hoo : Air!
Geum Jan-di  : Oh yes… Air! (They laugh) Why didn’t I think of it? (Ji-Hoo shuffles her hair)
Yoon Ji-Hoo : You are really an interesting kid. (He walks to his bike and pulls out a pair of shoes. He throws it to Jan-di who catches it promptly) Wear it! If you walk around here like that, you will get caught. See you! (He drives away from there. Geum Jan-di   smiles looking at the shoes)

Geum Jan-di   is at home and she carefully cleans his shoes. 

Ku Hye-Seon  Geum Jan-Di Kim Beom So Ye-Jeong Kim Jun Song Woo-Bin  Boys over Flowers
Geum Jan-di   is at the top floor of the building with a bag in hand, waiting for Ji-Hoo. She comes to the Senior classroom and looks around.  So Yi-jeong and Song Woo-bin walks in.
So Yi-jeong : Who is this? Isn’t this Gu Jun-pyo’s mortal enemy, the wonder women?
Song Woo-bin : Why are you here? Gu Jun-pyo is not here.
Geum Jan-di : Why would I come to see someone like him? (She turns and walks from there)
Song Woo-bin : Wait! Isn’t that Ji-Hoo’s Sports Shoes? (She hands over the bag to So Yi-jeong)
Geum Jan-di : Please help me return this to him. (She bows and is about to walk from there. So Yi-jeong stops her.
Kim Jun  Song Woo-Bin Kim Beom So Lee-Jeong Ku Hye-Seon Geum Jan-Di Boys over Flowers
So Yi-jeong : Wait a moment! Have a cup of tea with us before you leave. (Jan-di looks at him in surprise)
(So Yi-jeong, Song Woo-bin and Geum Jan-di are sitting. The attendant serves tea.
Song Woo-bin: Did you really say that To Gun Jun-pyo?
So Yi-jeong  : You are really amazing . Nobody has talked to Gun-pyo like that before (The Guys see the advertisement of Seo-Hyun. Jan-di looks too).
Song Woo-bin  : It’s Seo-Hyun. She maybe coming back. Ji-Hoo would be really happy.
Geum Jan-di : The four of you have known each other for long, right?
Song Woo-bin  : Yeah, from kinder garden till now.
So Yi-jeong  : You seem to have something in your mind that you are curious to know. Ask us! We will tell you if we know about it. Consider it as a repayment from us.
Geum Jan-di: Repayment?
So Yi-jeong  : For all that fun lately… All thanks to you. (Jan-di smiles)
Geum Jan-di: Are Ji-Hoo Senior and the model Seo-Hyun acquainted?
So Yi-jeong  & Song Woo-bin : Acquainted? (They laugh. Ji-Hoo is practicing violin somewhere in the school premises)
So Yi-jeong  : When Ji-Hoo was 5, he was involved in a Car accident that killed both his parents. He was left alone. He became secluded and withdrawn.  Min Seo-Hyun is the person who got him out of his condition. To us, she is like a sister, friend and childhood playmate. But for Ji-Hoo, she is like his first love, girlfriend and mother.

Geum Jan-di halts near the Ad of Seo-Hyun and looks at it.  At home she is having food with her family and the advertisement of Seo-Hyun comes.  Her Parents and brother talk about the model, but Jan-di is silent. Her mother picks on Jan-di’s lack of beauty and Jan-di leaves the dinner table. Jan-di’s mother is upset seeing the racing tickets purchased by her father.
In the room, Jandi looks at Ji-Hoo’s handkerchief and remembers how he cleaned her up. She smiles and puts the kerchief in her drawer. She then takes a diary and writes JH.

At the college, Jan-di is playing basket ball with her classmates at the College ground. She looks at the F4 playing on the other side of the playground.  She remembers So Yi-jeong telling about Ji-Hoo’s relationship with Min Seo-Hyun and finding him near the glow advertisement. She is lost in thought and one girl in the evil trio throws the ball on Jan-di’s face. She falls down and blood comes out of her nose. Her classmates look at her and makes fun of her. She walks from there without saying anything.

Lee Min-Ho Gu Jun-Pyo Ku Hye-Seon Geum Jan-Di Boys over Flowers
The F4 looks at Jan-di confused at her behavior. Jan-di is cleaning up the blood from the nose.  Gu Jun-pyo comes there and looks at her. He goes near her and tries to wipe the blood.  She has tears on her face. She pushes him off.
Gu Jun-pyo : What were you thing? Letting yourself hit on the face like that… Don’t be like that
Geum Jan-di turns to face him: What?
Gu Jun-pyo : Don’t cry! It does not suite you.
Geum Jan-di : What is your problem? Do I have to take your permission now to cry? Are you not supposed to be the happiest person to see me crying and hurt?
Gu Jun-pyo : Is that all you can say to a person who came to help?
Geum Jan-di : Who asked for your help? If everyone died and you were the last one on earth, Then also I would not take your help. I would rather bleed to death than be indebted to you. (She walks to the door.  Gu Jun-pyo pulls her inside and stands facing her).
Gu Jun-pyo : What is it that you hate so much about me? What are you not satisfied with? I am good looking… I am tall… I am smart… I am rich… How can you hate me? Are you really stupid?
Geum Jan-di : Looks like you still don’t know that I dislike everything about you. The way you look, the way you walk… your stupid curly hair… I hate everything about you.
Gu Jun-pyo : Did you take some wrong medicine?
Geum Jan-di : I have not finished talking. It is such an eyesore to see the bunch of you wearing whatever you wish to school… And picking on weak kids for fun with your red card and torturing them.  And your thoughtlessness… That is the worst!
Gu Jun-pyo : You…
Geum Jan-di : You want me to repeat myself? Let me put it short Gun Jun-pyo… I hate everything about you… Everything! (She shouts and walks from there. Gu Jun-pyo is angry and throws away his kerchief and kicks on the wall. He takes a shower to cool himself. At the school premises he sees the notice for school trip for second and third year students and smile).

Jan-di is at the Porridge shop.
Chu Ga-eul : How can a school trip cost 20 million won? Are all the student going?
Geum Jan-di: No, I am not going.  (She tells that she works hard to earn some money and her father has fallen into trouble again.  Chu Ga-eul  tells that they should plead their Parents to let them go for a Holiday together. Chu Ga-eul gets a call from her mother . She asks if she can go with Jan-di. Her Mom agrees and the girls are happy. 

The F4 and the other school kids are at the airport. Gun Jun-pyo and Yoon Ji-hoo are pacing up and down.
So Yi-jeong  : Are you Guys going to keep pacing up and down? (The Trio is ogling at Yoon Ji-hoo. They tell that he is looking extremely handsome.
Song Woo-bin: Gun Jun-pyo… Are you waiting for someone?
Gun Jun-pyo : Waiting? No… Since it is going to be a long flight… I was exercising my leg.
So Yi-jeong  : Okay… But why have you insisted that we go with the rest of the students when we could have used a private jet instead?
Gun Jun-pyo : This is a school trip… and such sufferings can be a memory of my school life. Don’t you think so too Ji-hoo?
Yoon Ji-hoo : What? (The students move from there and Song Woo-bin tells the gang that they should go too. Yoon Ji-hoo and Gun Jun-pyo stays back. Gun Jun-pyo wonders where Jan-di has gone. Yoon Ji-hoo sees the advertisement of Min Seo-Hyun. He sees Guys admiring her beauty and taking photographs. Seo-Hyun is scoming out of the airport. Yoon Ji-hoo spots her and they both smile at each other. Suddenly Seo-Hyun is surrounded by fans for autographs.  Seo-Hyun leaves the fans and comes near Ji-Hoo. They both hug.
Min Seo-Hyun : Have you been doing well?
Yoon Ji-hoo : Yeah!
Min Seo-Hyun : Let’s go! (Yoon Ji-hoo takes the bag and they both walk from there)

Kim So-Eun Choo Ga-Eul Ku Hye-Seon Geum Jan-Di Boys over Flowers
The F4 Guys except Ji-Hoo are seated on the plane.  Gun Jun-pyo’s phone rings and he picks it up.
Gun Jun-pyo : What? Where did she go?
Jan-di and Chu Ga-eul are in a boat and singing happily.  They fish for sometime and then sleep.  Suddenly Gun Jun-pyo’s voice is heard on the mike.
Gun Jun-pyo : Hey Dry cleaner! Can you hear me? Commoner! (Both of the girls wake up from sleep)
Geum Jan-di  : What was that? Chu Ga-eul, am I dreaming now?
Chu Ga-eul : I don’t think so.
Geum Jan-di  : But I keep hearing  that irritating Guy’s voice.  (She then notices a cruise ship near by. She sees the F4 (with the exception of Ji-Hoo) and her schoolmates on the ship.  Gun Jun-pyo speaks through the mike).
Kim So-Eun Choo Ga-Eul Ku Hye-Seon Geum Jan-Di Boys over Flowers
Gun Jun-pyo : I heard that the commoner went to the sea. Look at yourself…
Geum Jan-di  : Hey… Why are you Guys here? Were you suppose to go to North Europe or Fjord?
Gun Jun-pyo : We have already been there. We are sick of that place. We wanted to look for some new place and somebody recommended here. What a coincidence… right? I had no idea that you would be here Dry cleaner.
Geum Jan-di  : Then go on your own route.  Pretend not to know me and I would be really grateful.
Gun Jun-pyo : That Boat is made of wood… Will it be okay?
Geum Jan-di  : Even though it is small, it is still a boat.  It’s none of your Business anyway…
Gun Jun-pyo : Really? Okay… You would not drawn even if the Boat turns. You know to swim, right? (He orders to move the Crise ship. The ship moves from there throwing water towards the boat. Jan-di )
Geum Jan-di  : Gun Jun-pyo… you jerk! 

Geum Jan-di  and Chu Ga-eul reaches the shore all drenched. Just then Ji-Hoo and Seo-Hyun alights from a Car.  They walk toward the other members of F4 and Seo-Hyun hugs the Guys. Ji-Hoo spots Jan-di.  Geum Jan-di  and Chu Ga-eul walks from there and is stopped by Gun Jun-pyo.
Gun Jun-pyo : Hey Dry cleaner! (Jan-di screams)
Geum Jan-di  : What now?
Gun Jun-pyo : Honestly, You are very happy to meet me at a place like this… right? Tell me! Were you not bored on that fish smelling boat?
Geum Jan-di  : I was very happy before I saw you.
Gun Jun-pyo : No matter what… Since you are a student of our school … come if you want to. (Gun Jun-pyo turns and walks from there)
Geum Jan-di  :  Though I don’t know where to go… I have no intention to follow you. (She coughs. Ji-Hoo walks to Jan-di and Jun-pyo stops)
Yoon Ji-hoo: There is a welcome party for that person( He looks at Seo-Hyun’s direction). Come… It will be fun! (He looks at Chu Ga-eul) You should come too… You would come, right? (He turns and walks from there)
Geum Jan-di  :  I will come… I will definitely come. (Gun Jun-pyo looks at her)

Sunny, Ginger and Miranda comes near Jan-di..
Geum Jan-di  :  I know what you girls want to say. I really do not want to go.
Ginger: Comeon! Since Gun Jun-pyo and Ji-Hoo has invited you… you must come.
Geum Jan-di  :  Okay…
Sunny: But they left something for you… They move towards Geum Jan-di  and Chu Ga-eul.
Yoon Ji-hoo and Seo-Hyun are about to go from there. Seo-Hyun spots Geum Jan-di   and looks at her with a sad face.
Ku Hye-Seon Geum Jan-Di Party Boys over Flowers
Geum Jan-di  and Chu Ga-eul are dropped in a Car in front of a Hotel.
Geum Jan-di  : Is it really okay?
Chu Ga-eul : Yeah… once you go in you will find worse stuff than yours.
Geum Jan-di  : I feel so embarrassed.
Chu Ga-eul : The concept fits the theme well… So go!
Geum Jan-di  : Let’s go back.
Chu Ga-eul : Love can be obtained only by those with courage. So go!
Lee Min-Ho Koo Jun-Pyo Kim Beom  So Ye-Jeong Kim Jun Song Woo-Bin Boys over Flowers
Geum Jan-di  enters the Hall and sees Men and Women wearing Party dresses dancing. She is embarrassed and tries to go from there. She spots Gun Jun-pyo and hides behind the Buffet table. The wicked girls see her and pulls of her coat. Geum Jan-di    falls on the ground along with the fruit plate with her super women costume exposed.  Gun Jun-pyo looks at her shocked. The girls make fun of her. Jun-pyo is about to move towards Jan-di, then he sees Yoon Ji-hoo taking off his coat and walking towards Geum Jan-di.  Ji-hoo puts the coat on her shoulders.  Min Seo-Hyun wipes off the mess from her hand and body using tissues from her bag. She notices Gun Jun-pyo looking at Jan-di. Min Seo-Hyun gets up and faces the evil trio.
Min Seo-Hyun : I know why you girls did this. But do you know that it proves that how low you are. (she looks at Ji-hoo). What are you doing Ji-Hoo? Hurry… Help her to my room. Ji-hoo takes Jan-di from there followed by Seo-Hyun. The students clap and cheer as they pass by.
Song Woo-bin  : This Ji-Hoo… Why is he doing these unfathomable things?
So Lee-Jeong : I don’t know … But isn’t this fun? (Gun Jun-pyo is annoyed and drinks a whole glass in one go. He then throws the glass to the floor)

Ku Hye-Seon Geum Jan-Di Han Chae-Young Min Seo-Hyeon Party Boys over Flowers
Min Seo-Hyun is applying makeup on Geum Jan-di.  Jan-di is dressed up in a pretty pink dress.
Geum Jan-di : Thank you! You did not have to go to this much trouble for me.
Min Seo-Hyun : I like to do this. So don’t worry!
Geum Jan-di : This is not the place where I am supposed to be from the beginning.
Min Seo-Hyun : Ji-Hoo invited you… If you are Ji-Hoo’s friend … you are a precious friend to me too!
Geum Jan-di : Nothing like that! He just invited out of courtesy.
Min Seo-Hyun : Ji-Hoo is not someone like that. I am seeing him standing up for someone for the first time.
Geum Jan-di : Ji-Hoo Senior has always been attentive.
Min Seo-Hyun : Ji-Hoo is attentive? See what I mean. That’s because Jan-di is a very special person.  I heard that you suffered a lot because of Jun Pyo. I heard that you swore not to bow down to him.
Geum Jan-di : Yeah…
Min Seo-Hyun : It’s because he is lonely. He is hiding his loneliness behind violence.
Geum Jan-di : Gun Jun Pyo is lonely? How can that be?
Min Seo-Hyun : He saw his Parents only one month in an year.  From the moment he was born, he was not raised like a normal child.  He was treated like a heir. You know what that feels like? (Geum Jan-di nods no) Don’t lose to him!
Geum Jan-di : What?
Min Seo-Hyun : I like Geum Jan-di… so I will cheer for you here after.  We are done now. Get up! (Geum Jan-di  gets up trying to pull the dress down.  Min Seo-Hyun notices her Sandals and makes Jan-di wear one of her own).
Geum Jan-di : They are so pretty…
Min Seo-Hyun : To Women, shoes are very important.
Geum Jan-di : Why?
Min Seo-Hyun : Because good shoes take you to good places.  You are ready now. Let’s go! (They hold hands and leave the room).
Geum Jan-di makes an entranc eto the hall with Min Seo-Hyun. The F4 Guys look on with a smile. Min Seo-Hyun leaves Geum Jan-di at the door and walks toward Ji-Hoo. Geum Jan-di stand there smiling. Gun Jun Pyo drops his plate.
Min Seo-Hyun : It is not gentlemanly to ignore such a beautiful lady. (She pushes Ji-Hoo forward. Ji-Hoo walks to Geum Jan-di and extends his hand to her as  Gun Jun Pyo looks on)
Episode ends

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