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Boys over Flowers Episode 1 Story (Part 2)

So Ye Jeong Kim Beom Song Woo Bin Kim Jun Boys over Flowers
So Yi-jeong and Song Woo-bin are partying with girls. Gun Jun-pyo is throwing darts at the dart board. Yoon Ji-hoo is looking at music DVD’s.
So Yi-jeong : What happened to Gun Jun-pyo?
Song Woo-bin : I think it must have been too much of shock for him today. He has been like that all day. (He walks to Gun Jun-pyo and places his hand on shoulder) Hey… What are you doing?
Gun Jun-pyo: Don’t touch me! (He pushes Song Woo-bin’s hands away) Can’t you see that I am trying to think? I am thinking of some way to get to that weed. Song Woo-bin : Why are you thinking that hard? Do as you always do… (Gun Jun-pyo laughs and playfully pulls Song Woo-bin by putting hands a hand around his neck) Rascal… You are so smart… (He throws a dart to the board with a determined look on his face. He then walks toward the dart board and pulls the darts and the sticker of Jan-Di Drycleaners from the board).
Gun Jun-pyo : Jan-di Dry cleaners… You are so dead now! (He smiles and crushes the sticker)

Geum Jan-Di Ku Hye-Seon Boys over Flowers
Next day Jan-di opens her locker as the evil girls watch her. She finds an F4 red card inside. She pulls it out and stamps it under her feet. When she reaches her classroom, she finds her desk missing and books thrown off. Her classmates laugh at her.
Jan-Di : Who did this? If you have anything to say… come out! (Eggs are thrown at her from all directions spoiling her clothes. She remembers the trouble her father went through to iron the clothes and his words to consider that designer clothes like an inheritance. She shouts at the mob and asks them to throw more eggs. The students flung more eggs on Jan-di. Someone pours flour on top of her head.)
Geum Jan-Di Ku Hye Seon Boys over flowers
Student: Someone bring some oil. All we have to do is fry her. (Students are making fun at her and taking photos. She shouts at students to do it more and notices Oh Min-ji in the crowd. Oh-Minji runs away. Gu Jun-pyo, So Yi-jeong and Song Woo-bin are sitting in their classroom watching the live action.
So Yi-jeong :  Isn’t it all over now?
Gu Jun-pyo: What you mean by over? That girl should come and kneel down before me for it to be over. Who asked to touch a sleeping wolf?
Song Woo-bin: Wasn’t that suppose to be a lion?
So Yi-jeong: It looks like she won’t last for even a week.
Geum Jan-Di Ku Hye Seon Boys over flowers
Gun Jun-pyo : A week? I say 3 days… (So Yi-jeong and Song Woo-bin starts betting) Shut up you two! It’s time that the girl comes here … 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Open! (Nobody appears) Oh… Maybe that was a little quick… She may be embarrassed to come in front of me like that. Let me do it again… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Open! (Nobody appears. Gun Jun-pyo picks up his phone and calls someone) What are you Guys doing? Did you Guys do it properly? If so… why is she not here? Where did that girl go?

Jandi is talking to herself. She is at the same place where she was shouting at F4 the previous day.
Jan-di : Surrender?  I won’t do it. Since I am Jan-di, did you Guys think that you can do all that to me? You Guys touched the wrong person this time. Have you Guys eaten dumplings made of tears? A commoner like me cannot survive without patience and rivalry from the outside world. How many egg crates have you wasted on me? (She looks at her hands filled with flour) You Guys do not know the value of flour. Such a waste! (She starts licking her fingers and is distracted by the sound of someone waking up). Who is there? (Yoon Ji-hoo climbs the stairs and walks to her)
Yoon Ji-hoo :  You are a distraction every time I see you. You… Do you know how to make pancakes? (she looks at him confused then replies)
Jan-di :  Yes… with a batter made of flour, eggs, milk and sugar… and you fry them.
Geum Jan-Di Ku Hye Seon Kim Hyun Joong Yu Ji Hoo Boys over flowers
Yoon Ji-hoo : That is pretty simple (He moves towards her and looks at her. He then takes a hand kerchief and starts wiping the mess from her face and body surprising her. He then gives the handkerchief to her and starts to walk away).
Jan-di :  Your hand kerchief?
Yoon Ji-hoo :  I don’t need it…
Jan-di :  I will return it to you next time.
Yoon Ji-hoo : I am not coming here anymore. It is not as quiet as it was anymore… Thanks to a certain someone. (He goes from there and Jan-di looks at the handkerchief with a sad expression on her face. She looks down to the stairs from where Yoon Ji-hoo came from and sees a magazine with pancake recipe.

She walks to the empty classroom and finds a teddy bear and apology note from Oh Min-ji for being cowardly. Jan-Di smiles. She also sees another pair of dress to wear). Jan-di reaches a Dry cleaners place and bargains for getting it cleaned. The F4 are at a luxury hotel celebrating. The waitress kisses So Yi-jeong. Song Woo Bin is jealous seeing that and asks how he picks up woman fast. So Yi-jeong walks to a woman who is trying to decide which plate to pick up in the Cafeteria. He picks up a plate from another table and gives it to her.
So Yi-jeong: This one is better
Woman : You are right… It’s a beauty!
So Yi-jeong: Enough to make you cuisine even finer…
Woman: And just who told you that I was a Chef? (So Yi-jeong holds her hand and maintaining eye contact replies, “Your delicious looking hand”. He kisses her hand as the woman looks at him and smiles).

Kim Beom as So Ye Jeong in Boys over Flowers
The F4 members are impressed by So Yi-jeong’s skills of attracting women and clap for him.
Gun Jun-pyo : Does a player know everything about a lady by looking into her hand? (So Yi-jeong says that he already knew about that lady and laughs. (Gun Jun-pyo gets up from the chair and walks to a more private place to talk to his aide at the Shinhwa school)
Gun Jun-pyo : Are you guys doing what I said? Don’t make any mistake… Do it right… (He cuts the call and joins his friends again). Let’s eat! (They raise the glass to toast)

At the house Jan-Di indulges in binge eating.  Her mother comes there and scolds her for not dieting for maintaining a good figure. She says even swimmers need a good figure. She tells Jan-di that it is the only way a girl like her can catch the eyes of a young good man. Her mother tries to grab the bowl while Jan-di takes it and runs from there.

Ku Hye Seon Geum Jan Di  Boys over Flowers
Jan-di looks at the mirror wearing Swim suit. She tells herself that she will tolerate everything to be in a school like Shinhwa High to be in a swimming pool like that. She reaches the pool area and finds the pool filled with cool drink cans and bottles. She screams Gu Jun-pyo’s name in anger. So Yi-jeong and Song Woo-bin are drinking tea while Gun Jun-pyo watches the scene live. He is smiling. 
SoYi-jeong : Why are he smiling like that?
Gu Jun-pyo : Her top must be off by now
Song Woo-bin: Who?
So Yi-jeong : Are you talking of the cleaner by any chance? Still?
Song Woo-bin : Hold on!  How long it has been?
So Yi-jeong : It’s been over a week. Come on… Give me her number (He hands over the mobile phone to Song Woo-bin)
Song Woo-bin : She did last a long time… 
Yi-jeong : Isn’t she really the first one to stand up to F4? 
Gu Jun-pyo : What did she do? It is just that I am being easy on her. How come I am not seeing Ji Hoo anywhere? 
Yi-jeong : He must be stuck in some corner sleeping. (Ji Hoo is shown sleeping in the Gym. Jan-di is clearing the cans and bottles from the swimming pool. She is in the dressing room dressed up in uniform when some male students bounce on her. She screams and tries to escape. (Episode 1 ends)

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