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Boys over Flowers Episode 1 Story (Part 1)

The Episode commences with a News Broadcast on TV about the rising share prices of Shinhwa Corporation and information on the prestigious Shinhwa Educational Institutions where only the elite are admitted.

Lee Min Ha opens his locker and sees a Red Card issued by the F4, a notorious gang of 4 super rich guys of the Shinhwa School. Students beat him up and Lee Min Ha somehow runs up from there with a bleeding face. It is at the same time a Dry cleaners daughter Geum Jan-Di (played by Ku Hye-sun) comes to the school with the delivery of laundered school uniform for the student who is tortured by the students. The students chase Lee Min Ha with hockey sticks in hand.  The Guy runs to the school terrace and tries to commit suicide.

Ku Hye Seon as Geum Jan Di in Boys over Flowers
Geum Jan-Di enters the school and is amazed by the ambiance and food served at the school. She hears students telling that Lee Min Ha is in the terrace. She sees students trying to take video from the ground and a guy standing on top of the terrace ready to jump from there. Guys are at the terrace too but nobody tries to stop him. Lee Min Ha looks at the Guys around him and asks, “Is this what you Guys want? Okay, I will grant your wish”. He says a silent prayer and bends to jump from the terrace. Geum Jan-Di comes running and asks the Guy to stop and tells that she has his delivery. Lee Min Ha tells her that he would be dead in no time and she can send the bill to his house.
Geum Jan-Di : You want to die? Why? You study in such a great school.
Lee Min Ha: No, This is not a school… This is hell!  (Geum Jan-Di tells him that real hell is outside the building and how difficult is it to get admissions to the school. Lee Min Ha asks her if she has not heard of F4. He tells her that the moment the gang issues a red card, the person who receives the card becomes a prey to the entire school. Geum Jan-Di tells him that he should not allow anyone to torture him and should break them. She tells him that if she would have been in his place torturing her or her friends , she would have break them. Lee jumps from the terrace and Jan-Di moves fast and saves him by grabbing on his collar.

Geum Jan-Di’s photos and act of bravery is publicized by the media. They nicknames her as ‘Common Hero’ and ‘Wonder girl’. The exposed bullying at the school attracts negative publicity for the Shinhwa Group Institutions and people start protesting against the school. Geum Jan-Di and her friend Chu Ga Eul are working at the local porridge shop. They see the news and story on Shinhwa school. Chu Ga Eul tells that the Flower Four Guys are handsome and she admires them. Geum Jan-Di sarcastically tells her that they should be called Fly four instead of flower four and they are like flies in the soup. Geum Jan-Di gets out of the shop. The media surrounds her and asks her questions. CEO of the school Kang Hee Soo (played by Lee Hye Young) is annoyed by the media coverage and negative publicity .

Lee Hye Young as Kang Hee Soo in Boys over Flowers
As a damage control measure, Secretary to the CEO reaches Geum Jan-Di’s house and offers her special scholarship to attend the Shinhwa School. Her Parents and Brother are happy for her. She refuses the Offer. Her mother tells the Secretary that she will make Geum Jan-Di agree and send her to school. Her mother (Na Gong Joo played Im Ye Jin) tries to persuade her telling that they can save on tuition fees and she can be in a school with a swimming pool. Jan-Di arrives reaches the school wearing school uniform and carrying a school bag escorted by her father the next day. The Leader of F4 and heir to Shinhwa Group Gu Jun-pyo (played by Lee Min-ho) reaches the school campus in a Helicopter. Students are seen climbing the stairs up to the school in a group talking and flaunting their costly possessions. Jan-Di enters the campus and looks around. She reaches a secluded area of the campus and sees a Guy playing violin. The Guy is Yoon Ji-hoo (Kim Hyun-joong ), a member of F4. The Guy stops playing when he senses Jan-Di’s presence. Jan-di asks him where the swimming pool is and Yoon Ji-hoo points the direction using violin stick. Jan-Di thanks him and leave from there with a smile on her face.

F4 Boys over Flowers Gun Jun Pyo  Yun Ji Hu So Lee Jeong Song Woo-Bin
Inside the school, Jan-di climbs the stairs up to the school classrooms. Girls and Boys suddenly rushes down the stairs and other directions to have a glance of the Flower four Guys. The F4 Guys make an entrance with Gu Jun-pyo a bit ahead followed by So Yi-jeong (Kim Bum) with Yoon Ji-hoo and Song Woo-bin (Kim Joon) on either side. Jan-Di also tries to get a glance of the notorious F4 and recognizes Yoon Ji-hoo as the Guy whom she asked directions. Gu Jun-pyo stops in front of a Guy.
Guy:  Is there a problem?
Gu Jun-pyo : I give you 3 seconds. 3… 2… 1… (He pulls the Guy by collar and asks Song Woo-bin) Is there any juice left? (Song Woo-bin hands over the juice bottle and Gu Jun-pyo pours the juice on the Guys shirt. Gun Jun-pyo hands over the bottle to the Guy and the gang leaves from there. The students also dismiss from there)
Geum Jan Di Sunny Ginger Miranda Boys over Flowers
Geum Jan-di :  What a crazy bastard… Are these people mute that they say nothing and submit to his bullying? A gang of 3 girls (Ginger. Sunny and Miranda) stops near her. They introduces themselves as the 3 Beauties of Shinhwa High and warns her that if she does not watch her mouth she would be in big trouble with the F4. The gang tells her that since it is her first day they will leave her for speaking against their F4 Princes. Geum Jan-di’s Brother is looking at the internet for details of F4 members as Jan-Di listens to him. All the Guys are from filthy rich families and have powerful backgrounds. Song Woo-bin family runs a large successful construction company. So Yi-jeong is a skilled potter and his family owns the country's biggest art museum. Yoon Ji-hoo is the grandson of a former president of Korea. Gu Jun-pyo, the Leader of F4, is one of the youngest Billionaires in the World and the heir of Shinhwa Group. As the background music (Almost Paradase) plays, the F4 Guys are getting ready. A widest collection of shirts, ties, jackets and shoes are shown. Geum Jan-di takes her frustration out by shouting on F4 leader and gang.

Geum Jan-di: F4…  You Guys are like flies. If you had a privileged birth, you should be grateful for it and not be a nuisance. I warn you… Don’t show your face to me. If a day comes when I have to call you my Senior, I swae I will dive off the rooftop. (She screams. She then notices someone getting up from the stairs down. Yoon Ji-hoo gets up and walks towards her. He tells her that she is a nuisance too and that she disturbed his sleep).
Geum Jan-di :  I am sorry. I did not realize I had an audience.
Yoon Ji-hoo :  Is that really true that you are going to take a dive down the rooftop?
Geum Jan-di : Ah… What I meant was… Did you hear everything I said? Yoon Ji-hoo : What? You calling us flies? (He walks away from there and Jan-di is embarrassed).

The students are eating at the canteen. The evil trio mocks at Jan-Di on her choice of food. She tells them that she cannot afford lavish lunches like them and continues eating her home packed lunch. The F4 Guys walk into the Canteen and the trio screams and runs towards their direction. Oh Min-ji ( Lee Si-young) approaches Jan-Di and asks if she can have some item on her lunch box.

Jan-Di is in the porridge shop working. Chu Ga-eul is happy that Jan-Di made a friend in the school fast. Jandi tells her that she is grateful that the F4 is not noticing her and she would hide herself in some corner till she becomes a graduate.
Chu Ga-eul : Who are you? Are you the same Jan-Di who fought for me when I was bullied? She was a strong girl.

Jan-Di is annoyed by her family’s excitement of her attending the Shinhwa School. Her mother tries to do some beauty treatment to bring glow on her face while her father irons her school uniform. She brushes her teeth looking at the mirror and tells that the strong Jan-Di is not dead yet and the F4 Guys are all dead starting the next day.

Lee Min-Ho as Gun Jun Pyo in Boys over Flowers
Jan-di enters the school. The girls scream ‘F4’ and runs towards the guys. The F4 Guys walk in and the girls ogle at them. A girl comes in front of the gang and holds a heart shaped cake in front of Gu Jun-pyo. Girl: I baked this myself to give it to you. Please accept my heart. (Gun Jun-pyo accepts it and looks at it. The girl is happy. The next moment he shoves the cake on the girls face. The evil trio is happy seeing it. He takes a handkerchief from one of the trio and wipes his hand. He throws the kerchief down and the girls fight for it. The F4 walks from there and is confronted by Jan-di).
Gun Jun-pyo: What are you? You have anything to say?
Jan-Di : Yes, I have a lot to say. (She points a finger at him). You don’t have the slightest manners humans should have. I don’t expect modesty from someone as rich as you. If you didn't want to eat it … you could have rejected it nicely. Or better… accept it considering the sincerity of the person who made it. (She shouts abuses at Gun Jun-pyo).
Gun Jun-pyo :  What are you? You have something to say ? (Yoon Ji-hoo has a smile on his face while the others are indifferent).
Jan-di : No… (Gun Jun-pyo and the gang walks from there. Jan-Di is angry and looks down. Yoon Ji-hoo is amused and smiles as he passes by her).

Ku Hye Seon as Geum Jan Di in Boys over Flowers
Jan-di is swimming at the school swimming pool while Lucky in my life background score plays. Oh Min-ji comes there and helps Jan-di get out of the pool. She tells Jan-di that she will faint if she swims like that. Jan-di tells Oh Min-ji that she was punishing herself for being cowardly. Oh Min-ji ; Are you feeling better now?
Jan-di : Yeah…  (Jan-di tells that the reasons why she attends the school are swimming pool and Oh Min-ji. The girls laugh and eat ice cream. Oh Min-ji slips on and falls on the feet of Gu Jun-pyo with her icecream cone falling on his shoes. Oh Min-ji apologizes and offers to replace the exact pair of shoes with new ones. Gu Jun-pyo asks if she has more money than him. He tells her that even if she has money she cannot replace the shoes as they are exclusive. Oh Min-ji apologizes again and tells that she would do whatever she can to correct her mistake).
Geum Jan Di  Gun Jun Pyo Oh Min ji Boys over Flowers
Gu Jun-pyo : Anything? Lick it clean then… (The other Guys are amused while Jan-Di is shocked) Oh Min-ji : Excuse me! Gu Jun-pyo : I said… lick the ice cream off from the shoes… Did you not tell that you can do anything? (Jan-Di comes in front of Gu Jun-pyo)
Jan-di :  Won’t you stop your bad ways? Did she fall because she wanted? That was a mistake and she apologized. Isn’t that enough?
Gu Jun-pyo : What is this? Hey second year student…  I don’t think it is been long since you came here… American ways don’t work here (Song Woo-Bin whispers something to Gu Jun-pyo) Is that so? So you are the wonder girl they are talking about? I expected better… you are a disappointment.
Jan-di: I am releaved that you find me a disappointment.
Gun Jun pyo :  Don’t you know that you should mind your business and not interfere into other peoples affairs?
Jan-di : She is not a stranger… She is a friend. I assume that as a wealthy person, friends and friendship does not carry any value in your dictionary. (Yoon Ji-hoo has a smile on his face)
Gun Jun-pyo: Friendship? Let’s see how your friendship is…(pointing to the direction of his shoe) Lick it! Jan-Di: What?
Gun Jun-pyo: If you lick it clean… I will forget what happened. Now it’s your wish… (Jan-Di looks at Oh Min-ji and then bends down. She then shoves off the ice cream to Gun Jun-pyo’s face and he falls to the ground. (Oh Min-ji and the F4 guys are shocked. Gun Jun-pyo touches the ice cream on his lips) What are you? (Jan-Di takes 2 steps towards him)
Lee Min Ho as Gun Jun Pyo in Boys over Flowers
Jan-Di: You have a lot of money? Have you earned all that money? You think minding my own business should be my concept… But I believe in not leaving those who leech off parents back. Understood? (Gun Jun-pyo is shocked hearing such words for the first time. Jan-Di takes some money from her pocket and throws at him one by one. Yoon Ji-hoo has an amused expression on his face telling that he is really liking this girl). I calculated the Dry cleaning charges. If that stain does not go… bring to us. (She turns to walk away and then takes a sticker and sticks it on Jun-pyo’s forehead. Jan-di walks from there. Yoon Ji-hoo smiles and Gun Jun-pyo tears the sticker from his forehead. So Yi-jeong and Song Woo-bin looks amused too at what happened).
Gun Jun-pyo : What the heck is that thing?

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