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Boys over Flowers Episode 2 Story (Part 1)

Ku Hye-Seon  Geum Jan-Di Boys over Flowers
Geum Jan-di is in the school dressing room wearing school uniform. Suddenly some Guys bounce on her and tries to carry her away from there. Jan-di screams and tries to push the Guys away. The Guys try to undress her but stops when some one speaks. 
Yoon Ji-hoo : Are you Guys having a group training session here? (The Guys stop but continues holding her. Ji hoo walks towards Jan-di and kneels beside her) Are you sure you did not forget anything in the Pancake recipe you gave me?
Jan-di : What?
Yoon Ji-hoo : I did as you instructed.  But it did not turn out the way it should.
Jan-di :  Did you add Baking powder?
Yoon Ji-hoo : Oh… Yeah… That… And they sell the Pancake Mix… Now what to do? 
Ku Hye-Seon Geum Jan-Di Kim Hyun-Joong Yun Ji-Hu Boys over Flowers
Jan-di : Let go!
(Yoon Ji-hoo looks at the Guys) Why are you Guys still here?
Student : Gu Jun-pyo senior said… 
Yoon Ji-hoo : That is none of your Business.  (The Guys leave her and runs from there. Yoon Ji-hoo takes a towel and puts it around Jan-di’s shoulders.) You are getting goose bumps. (He turns and walks from there) Baking Powder… now I know. Seems like I have to try again!
Jan-di : Senior! (Yoon Ji-hoo turns and looks at her). Thank you for helping me. 
Yoon Ji-hoo : I was not helping you. I could not stand such annoying behavior. (She cries)

Lee Min-Ho Koo Jun-Pyo Boys over Flowers
The 3 Boys report to Gu Jun-pyo at his house. 
Gu Jun-pyo : What? Ji-hoo stopped you?
Student: Yes, He appeared right at that moment
Gu Jun-pyo : Who asked you to do those things?
Student: Did you not tell to make Geum Jan-di suffer?
Gu Jun-pyo : I just told to scare her…so that she admits the mistake. Who told you to do that all?
Students:  Sorry Senior… It’s our fault. We are leaving!
Gu Jun-pyo :  Do you Guys want to leave the school too? Get lost! I don’t want to see your faces! (The students run away from there. Gu Jun Pyo is angry) Get lost!

Ku Hye-Seon Geum Jan-Di Han Chae-Young Min Seo-Hyeon Boys over Flowers
Geum Jan-di is in the porridge shop. 
Chu Ga-eul :  Jan-di Are you really alright?
Geum Jan-di : It’s nothing big.
Chu Ga-eul : How can you say that? 
Geum Jan-di :  Those F4… I did not realize that they were so bad.
Chu Ga-eul : Birds of same feather flock together… right? Geum Jan-di : Nothing like that? Chu Ga-eul : Why no? Geum Jan-di : One of them is different…  (The Porridge shop Manager nods his head in agreement)
Chu Ga-eul : One of them? Who?  (Geum Jan-di takes the handkerchief out of her pocket and looks at it)

Kim Hyun-Joong Yun Ji-Hu Ku Hye-Seon Geum Jan-Di Han Chae-Young Min Seo-Hyeon Boys over Flowers
Geum Jan-di is riding the bicycle through the street and stops when she sees an Advertisement featuring Min Seo-hyun (Han Chae-young).
Geum Jan-di : She is so pretty in this advertisement too… (She smiles and licks her lollipop. The continues riding the bicycle. She passes Yoon Ji-hoo touching the model’s picture. She stops the bicycle) Senior… You like her too? (Yoon Ji-hoo walks back and stands near her) No matter what… touching an advertisement like that would dirty your hands. (He looks at his hands. Geum Jan-di pulls out some tissues from her bag and gets out of the cycle. Instead of handing over the tissues to Ji-hoo, Jan-di walks to the glow hoarding and starts wiping it with the tissues.  Yoon Ji-hoo smiles seeing that. Jan-di wipes the hoarding clean and stands beside Ji-hoo admiring the model). She is very pretty… isn’t she? Just like a Goddess who descended on earth…
Yoon Ji-hoo : Goddess?
Geum Jan-di : Yes, Not only is she beautiful but also she is smart. She donates most of the money she earns as a model. It is only recently she passed the French International Lawyer exam.
Yoon Ji-hoo : Do you know this Woman? 
Geum Jan-di : Of course! She is my idol…
Yoon Ji-hoo : Idol? (Both of them smile)
Geum Jan-di : Although everyone thought that she would take over her family Business after she becomes a graduate, I did not think so. I always thought that she would do something better (Yoon Ji-hoo looks at Jan-di surprised by her admission) On every school Holiday, she would go to Africa and Afghanistan. She also went to Tibet not long ago. (They both smile). Though this may be just my imagination… I hope she would marry someone of royal status or someone who may become a President… like Diana or Audrey Hepburn who contribute towards world peace. (Ji-Hoo looks a bit annoyed)
Yoon Ji-hoo :  She is just a model.
Geum Jan-di : Why not? Did the French President not divorce his wife to be with a model? Who would know… Maybe the next French President or some European Prince may fall for her at first sight and ask her hand in marriage. I think there is a high possibility of that happening. Don’t you think so too?
Yoon Ji-hoo : Every time I see you… I find you noisy and irritating. (He walks from there)
Geum Jan-di : Hey… I was just telling… (Geum Jan-di is sad seeing his sudden behavior change). Geum Jan-di reaches her home. She eats dinner with family while Geum Kang San (Park Ji Bin) shares news from the internet. He tells her that a female student of her school is pregnant and the family runs to look at the computer. Geum Kang San tells them that a certain commoner , a second year student of the Shinhwa High is pregnant. The family discusses on the topic.

Kim Beom So Lee-Jeong Kim Jun   Song Woo-Bin Boys over Flowers
Geum Jan-di enters the school building. The students are talking. Geum Jan-di finds students glancing at her. When she reaches the classroom, she finds that someone has spread the pregnancy gossip about her. She is shocked. The F4 are having tea together.
Yoon Ji-hoo : Why the silence today?
So Yi-jeong : I am putting a bet on Jan-di 
Gu Jun-pyo : Wait and watch! She will come anytime now. That girl doesn’t know her limits.
Yoon Ji-hoo : What prank have you played this time?
Kim Hyun-Joong  Yun Ji-Hoo Boys over Flowers
Gu Jun-pyo : Why do you want to know? So that you can save her again? (So Yi-jeong and Song Woo-bin look at each other not knowing what they are talking about) 
Yoon Ji-hoo : You should not push this too far.
Gu Jun-pyo : Since when did you start caring about all this? If you are not going to help, Go mind your own business.
Yoon Ji-hoo : Making life for a girl difficult is childish and ridiculous.
F4 Geum Jan-Di Boys over Flowers
Gu Jun-pyo : Does she look like a girl to you? I must teach her a lesson… don’t you know the rules? 

Geum Jan-di wipes the board clean. The wicked girls come near Jan-di. They show her the news on the internet about the real identity of the pregnant girl of Shinhwa High. She finds dirty towels on her desk. Sunny disinfects the towels. The girls make fun of her and asks her how it feels like to smell like gross. Jan-di picks up the towels and walk out of the door.

Lee Min-Ho  Koo Jun-Pyo Boys over Flowers
She reaches the room where the F4 gang is sitting.
Gu Jun-pyo : Talking of the devil! She has come to see me… If you have come to apologize you are a bit late. Geum Jan-di : I would not tolerate it anymore. The warning… outcome… These words are all prepared for you. Do you know that?
Gu Jun-pyo : Hey Laundry girl… Is that how people like you apologize?
Geum Jan-di : Then maybe among you people the victim should apologize to the culprit. (She trows the towels to the sofa where Gun Jun-pyo is sitting. Gun Jun-pyo throws the towels to the floor and stands up)
Lee Min-Ho   Gu Jun-Pyo Shower Scene Boys over Flowers
Gu Jun-pyo : What did you say? (Geum Jan-di moves back and takes a karate pose. The Guys are surprised). You… What are you doing? Have you gone mad?
Geum Jan-di : I told you that I won’t sit back and take it anymore. I told you clearly. (She shouts. Then jumps and delivers a spinning back kick on his face. Gu Jun-pyo falls on the ground. She walks towards him). Did you see me sleeping around with a man? Did you even see me holding hands with a Guy? How dare you spread all those rumors about a chase and pure girl like me who hasn’t even had her first kiss yet? (She stamps her feet in front of him. She lifts a towel from down and throwns at his face. The F4 members are smiling at the plight of their leader. Gu Jun-pyo throws the towel away from his face). If you continue your filthy tricks… I will kill you! (She walks out of the room. Gu Jun-pyo has a shocked expression on his face while his friends laugh).

Yoon Ji-hoo is looking at tarot cards while So Lee-Jeong and Song Woo-Bin are playing the pool game.   Gu Jun-pyo is sitting and smiling thinking of something.
Song Woo-Bin : Why is he so amused?
So Lee-Jeong : She actually managed to pull a spinning back kick on the mighty Gu Jun-pyo. It is been a while we had fun at school. (Gu Jun Pyo is still smiling) But…Don’t you think that she reminds you of someone?
Song Woo-Bin : You are right! I was also thinking the same. (They both remember that Jan-di reminds them of Jun Hee).
Gu Jun-pyo: What? Don’t joke…
Song Woo-Bin : Yeah… There are some similarities between the two.
Gu Jun-pyo: What similarities? How can you compare that girl with my sister?
So Lee-Jeong : If she is like your sister or not is best known to you. But why were you laughing at yourself just now? Did something get into your head?
Gu Jun-pyo: Haven’t you Guys understood it yet?
Song Woo-Bin : What?
Gu Jun-pyo : That chick… No matter what I do is totally into me.
So Lee-Jeong : What? Gu Jun-pyo How on earth did you reach that conclusion? 
Gu Jun-pyo : You Guys… How can you call your self an expect on love? Girls always say what they do not mean at heart. Though the chick appears to hate me on the surface… she has an infatuation on me.
Song Woo-Bin : Yeah? 
Gu Jun-pyo : Think about it. She does not want the Guy she likes misunderstand her . That is why she raised the topic of being pure and innocent.
So Lee-Jeong : So… that is the logic
Song Woo-Bin : She mentioned about first kiss 
Gu Jun-pyo : That is her way of saying that she is waiting for her first kiss from me. (So Lee-Jeong claps)
So Lee-Jeong : Bravo! That was impressive 
Gu Jun-pyo. You are my friend… But that’s really something. Gu Jun-pyo laughs : That’s true! She thinks that she can fool me by acting mad… ( Unaware to all the conversation between the 3 friends, Yoon Ji Hoo picks up the lovers card) 

Ku Hye-Seon  Geum Jan-Di Lee Jeong-Kil  Yun Seok-Yeong Boys over Flowers
Geum Jan-di stealthily reaches the school. She is annoyed that despite of all what happens, she has no choice other than attending the school. Four Guys suddenly appear before her and asks to follow them. Jan-di tries to avoid them saying that she is busy. The Guys tell that they have orders to bring her. Geum Jan-di runs from there and the Guys follow her. Geum Jan-di hides herself behind plants and the guys search for her. When the Guys cannot find her they leave from there. Geum Jan-di runs out of the school campus and the Guys forcefully takes her from there in a Car. She tries to escape.

Lee Min-Ho   Gu Jun-Pyo Ku Hye-Seon Geum Jan-Di Boys over Flowers
Geum Jan-di : Are you Guys trying to kidnap me? ( A Guy applies chloroform on her and she becomes unconscious. The Guys take her away from there.) Geum Jan-di is waking up. She senses the fragrance and realizes someone is massaging her body. She opens her eyes. They wax her legs and applies makeup for her. She is dressed up like a pretty doll with accessories and designer dress. The Manager takes Geum Jan-di to Gu Jun-pyo’s room. Te maids look at her as they pass by. The Manager reveals that it is the first time the Young Master has bought a girl to home.
Geum Jan-di : Can I ask you something?
Manager : Yes! Geum Jan-di : This is our country Korea …right?
Manager : Right! Geum Jan-di : Am I in the President’s house or something?
Manager : No! Geum
Jan-di : Can I ask another Question
Manager : Yes… Go ahead Miss 
Geum Jan-di : Don’t call me Miss. Just call me Jan-di… Geum Jan-di .
Manager : Yes miss Geum Jan-di (Geum Jan-di is annoyed) 
Geum Jan-di : Why am I here now?
Manager : I don’t know anything about that Miss.
Geum Jan-di : Where are we going?
Manager : We have already reached there Miss. He is waiting for you Miss.
Geum Jan-di : Waiting for me? Who? (The Manager points her to the room. She goes into a hall and finds a man with his back on her. She walks towards him thinking if it is Yoon Ji-hoo . The man turns towards her. Geum Jan-di is shocked to see Gu Jun-pyo in front of her). You! What are you here for?
Gu Jun-pyo : What is so strange about me being in my home? (He walks towards her) 
Geum Jan-di : Your home? So this is your house Gu Jun-pyo 
Gu Jun-pyo : Yes
Geum Jan-di : What are you thinking of doing it again? (She takes a defense pose. Gu Jun-pyo smiles)
Gu Jun-pyo: I have done what I wanted to already (Geum Jan-di is shocked. He pulls her towards a mirror and shows her reflection) You are shocked , right? You see… Money can turn an ugly duckling to a swan too. 
Geum Jan-di : What are you up to now? Who asked you to do all this? 
Gu Jun-pyo: Hey commoner… If you like me just say so…
Geum Jan-di : What? 
Gu Jun-pyo : Oh right! You like to talk in opposites 
Geum Jan-di : Gu Jun-pyo… There is a limit for jokes. This is illegal kidnapping and that’s a terrible crime. Gu Jun-pyo :  Nobody is around. So you can tell me openly that you like me. Hereafter, I will make an exception and recognize you outside the school. (She looks at him shocked) Why? This explosive proposal scared you silly? Shall I repeat myself? If you do as I say… When nobody is around… I can treat you as the Almighty Jun-Pyo’s girlfriend. Understand?
Geum Jan-di : You are crazy… right? You have really gone crazy.  Have you eaten some wrong food? Who? Become whose? What? Forget it! I am leaving. (She turns to walk away. Jun-pyo blocks her way)
Gu Jun-pyo : You are the one who has gone crazy.
Geum Jan-di :  Move aside while I am being nice. 
Gu Jun-pyo : Do you know how much was spend on you from head to toe? 100 million Won
Geum Jan-di : 100 million Won?
Gu Jun-pyo : That’s right! But that is nothing… If you are with me… You can enjoy more than that every single day. Are you saying you don’t want it? Are you crazy?
Geum Jan-di : Being kidnapped by a Psycho like you here… How can I be in my right state of mind? The moment I see you, I feel like bugs crawling over all my body. (She removes the earrings and throws it down, followed by the necklace. She is about to remove her dress when she remembers that she does not have her clothes with her. She shouts) Get me my uniform now!

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