Friday, May 8, 2015

Veebha Anand Exclusive Interview

Veebha Anand portrays the character of Navya Naveli in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan. Navya is one of the most likeable characters in the show because of her friendly nature and innocence. The KY2  viewers also have liked her pairing with Ayaz Ahmed aka Cabir. I am pleased to bring you an Exclusive Interview of this very talented Actress who was previously seen in Shows like Balika Vadhu (as Jagdish’s sister Suguna), Mahabharat (as Subadra), Sanskaar Laxmi (as Laxmi) and Shree (as Kangna). 
Q: Where are you from and what made you choose Acting as a Career?
A: I am from Dehradhun and I don't remember since when I wanted to be an actor. It's a childhood dream.
Q: How do you feel about being part of a number one Youth Show?
A: It feels great to be a part of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan. Since the show started I had this intuition that it will be a hit and it is! It feels good... hard work pays off! I am happy to be part of this superb team.
Q: How similar are you with your screen character Navya Naveli?
A: Talking about Navya, one similarity is that she is desi and most of the time I feel the same. She is also innocent, natural and a good friend who will not show her pain to everyone but try to solve others problem. I am a bit like that. I don't reveal what is going in my personal life. Navya is talkative but I don't talk a lot. I like my own space.
Q: What do you like best about your Profession?
A: My Profession is my dream. So I like everything about it and I am in love with the word 'actor' . So when you love something you can't hate anything about it. That is the best part I guess... happiness!
Q: What is one quality you like best about you?
A: My I don't care attitude. I use to care a lot what people will think if I will do this or that. But now seriously I don't care. I do what makes me happy and when I will be happy I can make others happy too!
Q: Is there anything you would like to change about you?
A:  You change everyday! Not anything particular but I feel change in me like the way I was before and now the kind of person I am.
Q: What do you do to stay fit?
A: I am not a dancer but I dance a lot whenever I have an off. But now a days running after my cute little puppy 'Ciro' helps me to stay fit.
Q: What would you prefer to do in your spare time?
A: I love to read a lot. I read romantic stories and also love to read about life, universe, happiness etc. These are some topics that attracts me a lot and I want to know everything about them. So in my spare time you will either find me with a book or with my Ciro. 
Q: Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage ~ which one would you prefer?
A: Obviously Love Marriage.
Q: Hmm... So do you have a special someone in your life?
A: No! But whenever I marry... I want it to be a love Marriage.
Q: Do you believe in love at first sight?
A: Yes... and I have experienced it also. It's amazing! Trust me on that! But the side effect is it should not become one sided. Then it is the worst!
Q: What is your idea for a perfect date?
A: Perfect date for me does not mean that it should be in a perfect place...but love should be perfect. I love drives and Beaches. But my date also includes 2 AM talk about life or sitting on the terrace with the love of your life.
Q: What do you like to watch on TV?
A: Honestly, I don't watch TV. I download my Seasons and films to carry them to the shoot so that I can watch them whenever I feel like. How I met your Mother, Vampire Diaries and Game of  Thrones... these are my favorites.
Q: Is there a dream role you would like to do?
A: I want to play a character that becomes a dream role of others.
Q: On what do you spend the most: clothes, accessories, perfumes or anything else?
A: Clothes!
Q: Can you talk about a fan encounter that completely took you by surprise?
A: Yesterday some girls came to meet us and told their story. They were from 7 different states and became friends on Twitter. From there they planned everything and made sure that they can meet us on 200 episodes of Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan. That was amazing!
Q: Do you have a message for your fans?
A: Thank You and a tight hug to all of them!