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Boys over Flowers Episode 3 Story ( Part 2)

Geum Jan-di watches Seo-Hyun and Ji-Hoo kissing through the slightly opened door. She closes the door and turns from there. She then bangs her head on the wall.
Gun Jun Pyo : If you faint here… It will be really embarrassing. It is not like you to faint. You know that right? 
Geum Jan-di : Who is fainting? (She walks towards Gun Jun Pyo and stands with him. The door opens and  Seo-Hyun and Ji-Hoo come out of the room.

Ji-Hoo and Seo-Hyun walks out of the room towards them. 
Seo-Hyun : Jan-di… I am happy you came. Since you came here… Why did you not come in? 
Geum Jan-di : I wanted to say thank you. I was about to come in. 
Seo-Hyun : The Party is boring, right? We are going out on a drive… want to come with us? 
Geum Jan-di : Oh… no! Gun Jun Pyo: Actually, We have another place to go to.
Seo-Hyun : We? Gun Jun Pyo : Yes! We are also going on a drive. 
Geum Jan-di : Yes… We are going for a drive. Good Bye!
Gun Jun Pyo : I will see you later… Come! ( He pulls Geum Jan-di close as Ji-Hoo and Seo-Hyun watches) I have paid my debt now for saving me from the pool. 
Geum Jan-di : I am your savior. How can you repay me like this?
Gun Jun Pyo : You want to go back there? 
Geum Jan-di : Stop! You have repayed me 10%.
Gun Jun Pyo : 50% Geum Jan-di : 25% (She walks from there. Gun Jun Pyo follows)

Gun Jun Pyo and Geum Jan-di are at a Restaurant. 
Geum Jan-di : It’s good. But why do I not see even a single customer?
Gun Jun Pyo : Because they were chased away. (They sit) 
Geum Jan-di : Why?
Gun Jun Pyo : I booked the place till morning, So do whatever you want. 
Geum Jan-di : What do I want to do?
Gun Jun Pyo : You can cry or scream out. We can call in the Security Guards if you want to beat up someone. 
Geum Jan-di : But why would I want to do like that?
Gun Jun Pyo : After you saw Ji-Hoo and Seo Hyun… did your heart not break? 
Geum Jan-di : That is ridiculous! A person like me can never be a rival to sister Seo Hyun. I am not pretty. My brain is not good as well. My family is really poor too.
Gun Jun Pyo : There is nothing great about your figure either. You have a bad temper also. 
Geum Jan-di : Right! So… How a messed up and unqualified person like me compete with Seo Hyun?
Gun Jun Pyo : Although there is no comparison… you are not the messed up one. You have the qualifications. 
Geum Jan-di : What? (Gun Jun Pyo looks away as her talks)
Gun Jun Pyo : If that foo Ji-Hoo had met you before Seo Hyun, he would have liked you for sure. Geum Jan-di : Are you telling the truth?
Gun Jun Pyo : Your family … your looks… your brain… even though these are all zero, you are the first woman Gun Jun Pyo has approved of. Your qualifications get full marks from me. I have to go to the washroom (Gum Jun Pyo goes from there). 

Jan-di feels hot and thirsty . She looks for water. She picks up a glass from the Bar Counter and drinks. Gum Jun Pyo returns and find Jan-di sleeping. He tries to wake her up. The Barman informs his that she had liquor) Get a hold on yourself Woman! (Geum Jandi lifts her head up and looks at him with half closed eyes) Geum Jan-di : You are right! I am a woman. An ordinary commoner can’t be a woman? With no background, Looks or brains… I know it too! There was no need for you to be so upfront. (Gun Jun Pyo sits next to her) I feel it everyday in my bones… you jerk!
Gun Jun Pyo: Jerk? 
Geum Jan-di : No! I have no time to think of those things. I am busy and have lots of things to do. I don’t have the appropriate birth right… but I have to attend a school meant for the arristocrates. I am bullied by students. I have to do part time jobs to run my house as my Dad always gets into trouble. And the school fees… I have to make time for swimming to earn my scholarship. I don’t have the time to accompany rich boys like you and play love games. (She becomes unconscious again)
Gun Jun Pyo: You alcoholic… You Gangster… Get up! (Geum Jan-di lifts her head and laughs) 
Geum Jan-di : I am a little sad today. I am a little upset… Gun Jun Pyo… you punk… Why are you smiling like that? (She slaps on his face thrice playfully) . I am feeling good… So I will let you go this time. 50%. I will give you a discount since you saved my life. Thank you Gun Jun Pyo… You saved me today. I can’t do anything for you… So instead… (She pulls him by the collar towards her. She raises her head to kiss him but faints mid way. Gun Jun Pyo smiles. Jan-di raises her head again and looks at him. Then she vomits on his suit)

Gun Jun Pyo’s house. The servants are working. Geum Jan-di is waking up. 
Geum Jan-di : I know this place should be really expensive by the smell. (She gets up) Gun Jun Pyo : You are a complete wipe out. ( He is sitting on a chair, reading the newspaper. Jan-di realizes that she is in his house and her clothes are changed) How did I become like this? Why am I here?
Gun Jun Pyo : I bought you here. 
Geum Jan-di : What I am asking is why am in your house and not mine.
Gun Jun Pyo : Don’t you remember? (He snaps his fingers. The Manager and maid walks in. The maid is having a suit in her hand. The Manager starts talking about the suit. Gun Jun Pyo stops him when he was about to say the price) That’s sufficient. You want to scare her? (Manager smiles and leaves with the maid) Geum Jan-di : I am in no mood to hear about your clothes.
Gun Jun Pyo : That’s the suit I wore yesterday. 
Geum Jan-di : How does the suit you wore concern me at all?
Gun Jun Pyo : I wore it for the first time yesterday… But it became the last time I will be wearing it… Thanks to you. (She remembers and looks down) Do you remember now? (she nods her head). I bought you to my place since you were in a bad condition. You wanted to go home like that? 
Geum Jan-di : Sorry! 
Gun Jun Pyo : I informed your family. They did not seem to worry.
Geum Jan-di : I will leave now. Sorry for creating so much trouble. (Manager comes and informs that Madame has arrived. Gun Jun Pyo is scared and gets up).

Gun Jun Pyo’s mother walks into the House followed by her Secretary. She asks for Gun Jun Pyo. The manager informs her that he is in the second floor. She tells the Manager that she needs Gun Jun Pyo’s help for an event and to make sure that he does not slip away from the house. Geum Jan-di is sitting in a sofa in the room. Gun Jun Pyo pulls her by hand from there and takes her to another room. He then makes an emergency call to the F4 gang. He tells them that the Witch came back suddenly and Jan-di is in his room.

The F4 are  in the room with Jan-di.
So Yi-jeong : There is a strange girl in son’s room… and it is just a Geum Jan-di. How is she going to react? I am curious to know.
Song Woo-bin : Tomorrow morning Jun Pyo would be send to Alaska.
Yoon Ji-hoo : But first she will employ a hit man 
Geum Jan-di : What? Is she that scary? 
Song Woo-bin :  When we went to Summer Camp in 6th grade, we escaped. Do you remember?
So Yi-jeong : We almost died that day. So how could we forget about it? (Gun Jun Pyo recalls the incident. Of being brought back to the forest by commando’s and the witch coming there to punish them. Geum Jan-di is shocked. So Yi-jeong talks to a lady in the housekeeping and asks for help).

Madame walks to Jun Pyo’s room. She opens the door and walks in. The F4 greets her. She sees Geum Jan-di who is dressed elegantly and asks who she is.
Geum Jan-di : Hello!
Gun Jun Pyo : She is my Guest… So it is none of your Business.
Kang Hee Soo : She is my Guest as well as she is in my house. Isn’t that so miss? (Yoon Ji-hoo walks to Jan-di and sits on the arm of the chair. He puts his hand on her shoulder) 
Yoon Ji-hoo : She is our friend.
Kang Hee Soo : Friend?
So Yi-jeong : Yes… She is our school junior . We let her join F4 specially as our mascot because she looks so cute. 
Kang Hee Soo : Which family’s daughter are you? What does your father do? 
Geum Jan-di : My father is…
Yoon Ji-hoo : He is a Businessman. 
Kang Hee Soo : Is it so? What kind?
Song Woo-bin : Clothes! I mean Fashion … (Geum Jan-di nods her head) 
Kang Hee Soo : That’s quite interesting. Would you be interested in today’s charity auction?
So Yi-jeong : Yes… Not only is she interested… She bought with her Bella Song’s new work which will be the dark horse for the auction tonight. 
Kang Hee Soo : It looks like your mother has very good taste. What work does she do? (Secretary walks in)
Secretary : Chairman… It’s time to welcome the Guests. (The Secretary and Jan-di recognizes each other) Kang Hee Soo : Jun Pyo you stay behind to guard your position. You Guys too… Since it is for a good cause , help out as well. (She leaves from there and the guys are re leaved) 

Geum Jan-di : How can you lie like that? How can do do the damage control now? We should have just told the truth instead.
So Yi-jeong : You mean we should have told that your father runs a Dry cleaning Business and your mother runs a public bath? If we would have done that not only you but your family also would have encountered the consequences
Song Woo-bin : You will lose your life once she singles you out. It’s no joke. 
Geum Jan-di looks at Jun Pyo : Is this hereditary? (Jun Pyo leaves a sigh)

The Auction is happening. Geum Jan-di and Jun Pyo are standing together . The auctioneer is bidding for swimmer Park Tae Hwan’s goggles. Geum Jan-di is happy seeing the goggles and looks at it. Jun Pyo notices it. The bid was won for 10 million won by a telephone caller. Next item to be auctioned was a vase by So Yi-jeong . The third item on auction is a suit of Jun Pyo. He wears the suit and walks the ramp. As the bids go on Kang Hee Soo comes there with her Secretary. Kang Hee Soo spots Geum Jan-di and walks towards her. Before she could reach there, Yoon Ji-hoo comes near and takes her from there. The next item to be auctioned is Bella Song Dress. The 3 Guys are with Jan-di and pushing her to walk on the ramp. Jan-di tells them that she can’t do it. The Guys push her and after a slight hesitation she starts walking . She stumbles 2-3 times and Kang Hee Soo becomes suspicious. 
Kang Hee Soo : What is Jun Pyo upto these days? 
Secretary : He is more well behaved these days… and he is taking school more seriously.
Kang Hee Soo : Do you know that female student? (He remembers being at Jan-di’s house)
Secretary : As per what I know, She is a transfer student at Shinhwa High 
Kang Hee Soo : Find out about her family 
Secretary : I will do that!

Geum Jan-di shows the Park Tae Hwan goggles to her family. Her Brother tells that it is worth more than 2 million won. Jan-di’s mother insists that they sell it for money. Jan-di snatches the goggles and run to her room. She looks at the goggles. She recalls Jun Pyo escorting her to the door. 
Geum Jan-di : I will leave now. Anyway, Thank you!
Jun Pyo : What? I did not hear what you said. 
Geum Jan-di : Thank you! Jun Pyo : A simple thank you would have been sufficient. Why did you have to add “anyway”… That’s right! You are rather prideful as you are a commoner. 
Geum Jan-di : You were pretending when you heard me already. Cancelled! Jun Pyo : What? Geum Jan-di : My thankyou… That’s right! People won’t change that easily. I am leaving!
Jun Pyo : Hey grass! 
Geum Jan-di : What? (He throws a folder at her and she catches it) Don’t ever drink when I am not around. (He turns and walks away) 

Geum Jan-di puts the goggles in her drawers.

Next day Geum Jan-di swims in the pool. The F4 Guys are in the classroom studying with the exception of Yoon Ji-hoo. Jun Pyo is staring at the empty seat lost in his thoughts. Jan-di waits for Yoon Ji-hoo at the school terrace, but he does not come. She finds Ji-hoo is at his usual place at the outer premises of the school playing violin with tears flowing from his eyes. She reaches the school pool area and finds Seo-Hyun there. 
Geum Jan-di : Why are you here?
Min Seo-Hyun : I came here because I had to process my school withdrawal. I also wanted to see you one last time before I leave, so I came here to try my luck. I was lucky! 
Geum Jan-di : leaving School? You really won’t be coming back?
Min Seo-Hyun : I am afraid so… 
Geum Jan-di : When will you be leaving?
Min Seo-Hyun : Tomorrow! 
Geum Jan-di : So soon? There is no time to say thanks to you then. I will have not returned the favors I owe you.
Min Seo-Hyun : I will really be disappointed if you say things like that. I knew from the first time we met that you are the person that our Ji-Hoo always smiles when mentioning. It’s you Jan-di. (Ji-hoo sees Seo-Hyun’s Car and walks to the school. He spots Min Seo-Hyun and Jan-di together talking. Jan-di gets up and kneels in front of Seo-Hyun. 
Seo-Hyun : What are you doing? 
Geum Jan-di : I was a fan of yours for a long time, even before I met you in person. And so, I understand why you made such a decision more than many others. But still… I am begging you not to leave. 
Seo-Hyun : Get up from there… 
Geum Jan-di : I know really well that I have no right to beg you like this and you are under no obligations to listen to me. .. But I don’t know what to do other than this.
Seo-Hyun : Is it because of Ji-hoo? (Ji-Hoo is also listening to the conversation stealthily. Jan-di has tears in her eyes)
Geum Jan-di : I do not know anything at all about Ji-Hoo Senior. But I know how valuable you are to him. When I see him, why does he always have an unknown sadness? But he will still smile sometimes (Ji-Hoo walks from there) … and can melt other peoples hearts. It’s really warm. Sister, you are the only person that can make him smile. If you leave like this… there is a possibility that he may never smile again. (Seo-Hyun gets up from the bench and pull Jan-di from the floor. She makes her sit on the bench.
Min Seo-Hyun : Jan-di… Whatever decisions I have made are similar to shopping overseas. There won’t be another chance if I do not stay firm at this moment, I know very well how cruel those feelings of regret are. Ji-Hoo is a precious person to me as well and he feels the same way as you. So I feel, he would not want to see me living in regrets as well. How do you feel about this?
Geum Jan-di : Sorry! I am sorry…
Min Seo-Hyun : Actually I am happy that you are telling me these things. Thanks! (She takes a pair of sandels from a bag)
Geum Jan-di : You are going to give me these?
Min Seo-Hyun : I told you before. Shoes are the most important things. I hope that these shoes will bring you a good place for sure. I have something to request from you as well. Help our Ji-Hoo regain his smile again. 

Geum Jan-di is walking back home from school. She sees Ji-Hoo waiting for her. 
Yoon Ji-hoo : What were you doing? Who are you to do such things? Did anyone ask you for that kind of favor from you? That isn’t even a favor… that is groveling. Don’t you have any pride? 
Geum Jan-di : I did it not because I don’t have pride, It is because you were hurting too much. Because you are sad… 
Yoon Ji-hoo : How does it matter to you? Get lost!
(Episode ends)

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