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Boys over Flowers Episode 3 Story (Part 1)

Geum Jan-di makes an entrance to the hall with Min Seo-Hyun. The F4 Guys look on with a smile. Min Seo-Hyun leaves Geum Jan-di at the door and walks toward Ji-Hoo.  Geum Jan-di stand there smiling.     Gu Jun Pyo is awestruck and drops his plate.
Min Seo-Hyun : It is not gentlemanly to ignore such a beautiful lady. (She pushes Ji-Hoo forward. Ji-Hoo walks to Geum Jan-di and extends his hand to her as Gu Jun Pyo looks on. He then takes her to the dance floor and dances with her. She happily sways with Ji-Hoo without noticing that she is standing on his shoes. She thinks if she is having a dream and standing in the midst of the clouds. Ji-Hoo thinks that it would be nice if she takes her feet off his shoes. (The evil trio looks at the Couple in envy).
Song Woo-bin : She looks like another person
So Yi-jeong : Definitely Min Seo-Hyun’s work. Maybe I should take her to the next exhibition as my Partner. (Gu Jun Pyo is annoyed seeing Geum Jan-di dancing with Ji-Hoo and walks out from there)

Gu Jun Pyo reaches the poolside and kicks on throws things to control his anger. Ji-Hoo is now dancing with Min Seo-Hyun. Gu Jun Pyo is sitting in a chair and watching her dance. After watching them for sometime, She gets up and walks from there. Gun Jun Pyo sits on a lounge chair on the side of the pool. He then sees a cockroach. The cockroach gets into his coat and he tries to tries to get rid of it. Geum Jan-di is coming down towards the pool. Gu Jun Pyo is in the middle of the pool drowning. He shouts for help.

A Guy comes to the Party hall and announces that Gun Jun Pyo fell into the pool. The F4 Guys run followed by other students. A girl asks So Yi-jeong why he is nervous. So Yi-jeong tells that Gun Jun Pyo can’t swim. They reach the poolside to see Gun Jun Pyo out of the pool unconscious and Jan-di trying to get the water out of him.
Geum Jan-di : Gu Jun Pyo… Open your eyes! Hurry up and breathe Gu Jun Pyo…  (She hits him on his chest) Gun Jun Pyo… get up! (Min Seo-Hyun also comes there.
Seeing no response from Gu Jun Pyo, Jan-di gives him a Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation as the students watch. She bends a third time and notices Gu Jun Pyo’s eyes open. He pulls her towards him and spits water on her face. She looks at him shocked. Gu Jun Pyo smiles and sits up. Geum Jan-di hits him on his face and gets up.
Geum Jan-di : You are such a scum. (She takes the sandals in her hand and walks from there. Gu Jun Pyo smiles. Song Woo-bin and So Yi-jeong are amused and smiles too. Yoon Ji-hoo has a serious look on his face). 

Geum Jan-di is brushing her teeth. She remembers the Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and is angry. Gun Jun Pyo is having a cold. He tells the Manager to prepare the Car to go to school. Geum Jan-di touches the door handle and some glue sticks to her hand. She comes to the pond wearing swimming costume and sees ducks swimming inside. She is angry and shouts Gun Jun Pyo’s name. Gun Jun Pyo looks at her expression on his Computer and laughs. Geum Jan-di : Let me catch you. I swear I won’t go easy on you. (Gu Jun Pyo laughs. Song Woo-bin and So Yi-jeong are standing at the counter)

So Yi-jeong : He asked us to come early and he had been like this whole day…
Song Woo-bin : This is the first time I saw him work hard at something.
So Yi-jeong : But the question is, Why torture a poor transfer student?
Song Woo-bin : Also, Didn’t she save his life?
So Yi-jeong : Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Don’t you think that should be applied in this situation?
Gu Jun Pyo : What are you Guys saying? Don’t bite the hand that feeds you? This is my way of saying thanks to her. Why else would I do such boring things?
So Yi-jeong : Normal people won’t feel grateful for something like this.
Gu Jun Pyo : Stop! Now is it your turn to scold me since Ji-Hoo is not here.
So Yi-jeong : Really? Where is he?
Song Woo-bin : Ever since we came back, I don’t know what happened… he is depressed.
So Yi-jeong : It may be a lovers quarrel… What else could it be? Min Seo-Hyun is hard to please
Gu Jun Pyo : He is beating around the bust. If you like a girl, You should just grab her and kiss her. How hard can it be? (He looks at the Computer screen and laughs). 

Ji-Hoo is playing violin and the string breaks. He keeps the violin down and sits on the bench near by. Jan-di comes and stands in front of him. Ji-Hoo looks up. She sees his bleeding finger and kneels in front of him. She takes a handkerchief from her pocket and starts tying it around the wound. 
Jan-di : I will leave after tying this. (The evil trio records its on their camera. Jan-di gets up and leaves from there after placing her umbrella over the violin to save it from snow fall. Ji-Hoo turns his face after she goes from there. He sees his violin safe from snow)

Gu Jun Pyo is in the swimming pool on a floating boat looking happy. The trio walks towards the pool. He hear foot steps.
Gu Jun Pyo : What time is it? Why are you late? As a swimmer, how can you not focus on your swimming practice.

Gu Jun Pyo is watching the video taken by girls. The girls tries to poison the mind of Gu Jun Pyo by talking bad about Jan-di.
Gu Jun Pyo : Shut up! If you say a word… I will snap your neck. (He throws the camera on the floor breaking it and walks from there) 

Geum Jan-di is in the school. She comes to the place where Ji-Hoo normally practices, and looks around. Gu Jun Pyo appears from behind. She turns to walk back and comes face to face with Gu Jun Pyo.
Gu Jun Pyo : Are you disappointed that it was not the person you wanted to see? 
Geum Jan-di : Gun Jun Pyo why are you here?
Gu Jun Pyo : Why? Can I not come here? Have you two rented this place? (Geum Jan-di tries to walk away from there. Gun Jun Pyo stops her by holding on her hand) Where are you going? 
Geum Jan-di : I have nothing to say to you… So I am going home. Why?
Gu Jun Pyo : I have something to say… 
Geum Jan-di : Say it and let me go…
Gu Jun Pyo : Who do you think you are? You think you can toy on me? Toy with F4… 
Geum Jan-di : Who is toying whom? Let me go! (She pulls her hand away)
Gu Jun Pyo : I am letting you go because I think you are cute. Am I a joke? I don’t know if you know that I am not the kind of person who repays what is given to me. I am dissatisfied repaying an equal amount. (He pulls Jan di towards him) 
Geum Jan-di : What are you doing? (Gu Jun Pyo forcefully tries to kiss her and she tries to escape) 
Geum Jan-di : I don’t want to… (She screams. Gun Jun Pyo leaves her)
Gun Jun Pyo : Am I that loathsome? (He walks away from there. Jan-di sits down crying). 

Geum Jan-di is sleeping. Her Mother asks her if she is not going to school. She replies that she is not going. Her Brother comes and tells that it is a no school day. He hands over an invitation delivered for her. Her mother grabs it and reads the Party invite. Her Parents are excited and looks for a dress for her to wear to the Party. Her Parents are disappointed that there is no dress Jan-di can wear. A girl then comes in with a Box in hand and tells them that it is a gift from Min Seo-Hyun to Geum Jan-di. Geum Jan-di arrives at the Party Hall. So Yi-jeong is surrounded by some clingy girls. He spots Jan-di and uses her to escape the girls. He escorts her to were Song Woo-Bin and Gun Jun Pyo are standing. She greets Woo-Bin. Her expression changes when she sees Jun Pyo.
Gu Jun Pyo : Why are you here?
Geum Jan-di : Sister Min Seo-Hyun invited me here.
Gu Jun Pyo : Did you empty a Department Store?
So Yi-jeong : She came late last time too. Geum Jan-di… You look pretty when you are dressed up.
Song Woo-Bin : Right! You look the cutest here today.
Gu Jun Pyo : Who is cute? Can a pumpkin turn a watermelon by drawing lines on it?
So Yi-jeong : Jun Pyo said the right idiom for the first time.

Min Seo-Hyun comes to the Hall with Yoon Ji-hoo. Everyone claps. Someone hands over a violin to Ji-hoo and a cake is bought to the room. Everybody sings Happy Birthday and Gun Jun Pyo watches Jan-di singing. Min Seo-Hyun blows the candle. Ji-hoo walks from there. Jan-di looks at him.
Min Seo-Hyun : Thank you everyone for attending my 23rd Birthday Party. I would like to thank my Mom and Dad for their care … and the love of my friends. I want to use this gathering to tell you something.
So Yi-jeong : Where did Ji-hoo go? Are they announcing their engagement?
Min Seo-Hyun : I will be returning to Paris this week end. I don’t think I will be coming back. The modeling firm and I have arranged everything. Thanks to my Parents… I can enjoy life without having to work hard. But I want to use my abilities and make a name for myself. So I won’t be taking over my Parents Law firm. What I want is a life where I can experience a broader world. If I didn’t do this I don’t think I would have been able to convince the people around me. So I set the stage. Everyone, you must be happy. (She walks from there).

So Yi-jeong : Min Seo-Hyun is full of surprises.
Song Woo-Bin : Ji-Hoo… Did he already know about this?
Gu Jun Pyo : Now we know why he was depressed all this time. (Geum Jan-di walks from there) 

Ji-Hoo is in a room looking at a doll. Min Seo-Hyun comes in a sites in front of him. Min Seo-Hyun : You still have this? I remember… That was the first summer we spend apart from each other. 
Ji-Hoo : You remember… 
Seo-Hyun : It was from that time onwards you stopped calling me sister. 
Ji-Hoo : What am I to you? (Seo-Hyun gets up and places her hand on his shoulder)
Seo-Hyun : Ji-Hoo is angry? (Ji-Hoo pushes her hand away and throws the doll to the dustbin) 
Ji-Hoo : I feel like I am been thrown away.
Seo-Hyun : If there anything here that cannot be thrown away… it’s you! ( Ji-Hoo gets up and walks)
Ji-Hoo :  Don’t lie to me!  
Seo-Hyun : I am not lying to you. I wouldn’t mind you looking at other women. 
Ji-Hoo : What do you mean? 
Seo-Hyun : If you ran towards that girl… I didn’t understand why my heart suddenly sank. Funny… right? Ji-Hoo : I am not in a mood for jokes. 
Seo-Hyun : I also felt happy seeing Ji-Hoo turn a Man 
Ji-Hoo : Don’t joke! (He sits on the cot again) You always do what you want. I can’t stay close… nor can I stay away. You will wind me up one day… and ignore me the next day. I am only a toy to you. 
Seo-Hyun : If I lost you…I wouldn’t be able to sleep. (He gets up and catches Seo-Hyun by her shoulders) Ji-Hoo : Now tell me who is looking at whom. For the past 15 years, I have only looked at you. Isn’t that sufficient for you? I am also a man… I want to hold you like a man. (They hug) 
Seo-Hyun : I know! I am sorry Ji-Hoo! I am really sorry! (They kiss. Jan-di is looking through the slightly opened door. She closes the door and turns from there).
Episode ends

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